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Dog training in Singapore - What is Dogs Behavior training and what is Dogs Obedience training?

Dog training Singapore

Something to share with you guys.
What is behavior training and what is Obedience training?

Read and analyses yourself! Most of the trainer said they do behavior training, is it true?

Straits Time 23 Aug 2011
Wanbao 23 Aug 2011


Dog training in Singapore
 Rules for Singapore dogs that is under Category A & B( Part 1 & 2) dog must be on muzzle!

Example of German sherperd cross picture shown below from the following webs:

or Google the following to see the image:
german shepherd mix puppies
german shepherd mix

What to look out for cross breed Muzzle of the dog and the Colour!


Dog training in Singapore

Wednesday 2/9/2015, had a training with a Cross Breed (German shepherd x ???)dog, owner claimed this dog is 10 months old and is NOT Aggressive but only “nipping problem”, no one has been bitten before and they took up the puppy interactive training. This dog was trained by an animal shelter house trainer before and got A for the obedience test!

On the day when arrive dog bark non stop at the gate try to hold the collar the dog growl! When I start introduce a bone the dog took it and became possessive and growl louder and show it's aggressive to refuse anyone from taking it! From then the owners started review this have dog are possessive to bone…. ! Worst thing is we CAN"T use our hand/ finger to point at the items or anytime around this dog! Now the bad behavior has been badly inherited without proper training and control.

During the training owners started to realised the difference of our training between their ex trainer. Since the dog was trained from a very young age at 4 months old (best time), their supposed to be taught on how to give the dog a good foundation rather then just pass the obedience test only on that very day!

What they learn is only basic commands but no behaviors teaching! (sit, down, stand, stay & heel)

Puppy below 4 months(depend on breed) their bite n their strength is not strong but once they grow older it will be from bad to worst? (For 8 to 10 months onwards puppies, it’ll started to have adult tooth) So if a right training was given and owners are aware of the problems it can still be control.    

Till today both the owner doesn't know the rules for Singapore dogs that Category A & B( Part 1 & 2) dogs must be on muzzle in the public! Worst is they are being trained by the AVA accredited trainer which is also sitting on the board! Why are this information was not told/ explained to them?

** For those who do not know whether your dog is one of the cross (mix) of Category A & B( Part 1 & 2) , kindly google "german shepherd mix" or german "shepherd mix puppies"  to see the image. (observed the muzzle and the color)

For the public info:

What worry me is, when this dog is in the public! If something trigger its’ instinct like kid go near when he is eating or playing with his favorite or some one bend down or point at something, what will happened???

 Dog training Singapore
Toby has been trained before at Bishan Park when he was little puppy, he doesn't walk and the trainer started
to drag him with the slip leash which was given free to the owner, Toby started to yell and scream!
Owner has stop the training immediately!
She was shock that I explained to her that it was Choke Collar that the trainer is using and for puppy below 6
months old they are not supposed to use that!
The more you pull the tighter it strangle the puppy!

visit :  https://www.facebook.com/puppyinteractive

 Dog training Singapore
Adopting from shelter house or purchase from pet shop?
As a dog lover, many first time owner, do not understand or have the slightest ideal on how to keep a dog! Some are due to love and wish to help, then they started to adopt a dog without knowing what to expect.

As all dogs and people are individual and difference. Some dogs are demanding, hyperactive and highly intelligent to manipulating the owner where else some are NOT! Some people are assertive, firm, patience and have time to spare but some are NOT! 

For pet shop selling is their main source of business (money)!
(If you keep looking at the CUTE puppies, it will temp you to buy it impulsively!)

As an animal shelter house, what is their objective???
(To help the animal or to re-home it quickly? Any admin fee charge??)

My advise, as dog lover who wants to help a dog, they must first test themselves to know and understand the following:
1) Can they spare a few days/ weeks volunteer to walk the dog / clean the kennel / bath the dog in the shelter house? (If yes ask yourself, can you handle/ accept the smell of the pee/poo?)

2) Have you discuss with your family, whether everyone agreed and accept to keep a dog in the house? ( If one of the family member rejected, then don't ever think of adopting one! Just be a volunteer, if not family will argue and quarrel because of a dog!)

3) The dog you wish to adopt from animal shelter house, can the shelter house let you have a trial to foster “ the dog you want ” for 1 to 2 week? ( By looking at the dog for a day or two, you can't tell whether this dog is suitable for you and your family! Having the actual dog you want for a trial will tell you whether it fit into your family!)

** Is very important for dog to fit into the family lifestyle or else some people instead of helping a dog they are making themselves more miserable and stress! End up return the dog or release it in the street!


Next Cody Video, Coming Soon!
8 months old Japanese Spitz being trained before but owner are not satisfy with it. After our first training, what owner comment in our training are "Very Informative & Helpful"!

Dogs Trainers & Training there are many type in the market, every individual teaching and handling are difference no matter how good and expert they claim they are, no one knows till you try both services.
** Kindly please don't compare others' training fee with our, unless they are doing exactly the same methods of service and syllabus as what we did.
Thank you!


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