Thursday 5 January 2017

2017 Home Training Update:

2017  Home Training Update:

- Dogs Problem Solving 

- Dogs behavior Consultation Training

 - Puppy Interactive Training

**Dog Aggression Training( Training fee is different from above courses) 


We provide the following for Home Service:

1) Problem(s) Solving (Budgeted training, fee *from *$100.00 depend on problem...etc)
2) Consultation training (Any kinds of problems, behavior, obedience....)
3) Puppy interactive (Full course with notes and unlimited followup)
4) Small group of 2pax at near your home basic obedience (*fee subject to changes.)
5) Aggressive behavior training (Fee from $1,200 depend on problems, age and breed of dog)
** If you think dog's bite are not serious wait till you see these:
- Dogs bite:
- Dogs bite wound:
6) Dog walking and dog sit at your home.
** For Owner that mention their dog are mongrel, kindly provide Pic. ( any mix with AVA Cat. 1(A) or Cat.2(B) dog fee are different)

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Our Profile:
(Establish 1999)
(Why our customers still send their 2nd and 3rd dog to train here)
(Canine Behaviors & Psychology Training)

Hotline enquires: 9842 9109 (10am to 9pm)
NO SMS enquires please!

****Sorry we won't quote training fee from SMS or watsapp as we need more details to quote accordingly!
** Night Owls, please take note DON'T CALL or TEXT us after our service period. (We dun want to received call at 12 midnight or 3 am in the morning)
Thank you for your cooperation!

Terms and Conditions (Dogs Training By DR-DOGS.COM)
  • Upon filling up and sign on the “dog’s training application form”, owner are liable and agreed with all the terms and conditions stated by DR-DOGS.COM
  • The Terms and Conditions of our training are subjected to changes without prior notice.
  • Details & particular filled by the owner personally in the “dog’s training application form” are acknowledge by the owner and to be true.
  • Acknowledge letter and details of the terms and conditions will be mail to the owner(s) for class training only as for home training owner can only refer online at or any changes in our terms and conditions, we will only update in our blog.
  • For Home Individual or Consultation Behavior Problem(s) Solving, DR-DOGS.COM trainer will only follow up according to the problem(s) brought up by the owner during the training period. Follow up is not for unlimited and any follow up that is not related to what has brought out during the training DR-DOGS.COM will have the rights to charge a service fee.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, follow up are unlimited but according to the time & availability of the trainer.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, owner are able to bring out problem(s) that was not covered during the training and the trainer will try his best to assist the owner.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, the 2 days course have to be complete within 2 week (1 week apart), any delay we will have the right to crease the training or charge an addition cost for it.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, the follow up service will be crease once the dog is transfer to a different owner or address.
  • DR-DOGS.COM are not be responsible that our training will meet the expectation for all owner(s). As every individual has different expectation or preferences.
  • Owner(s) have to understand for aggressive problem(s) solving, owner have to trust the trainer professionalism in handling of their dog and the trainer or DR-DOGS.COM will not claim any injuries / loss cause by the dog, if the owner have already stated their dog is aggressive in the “dog’s training application form”.
  • Indirectly in the event when the dog attack the trainer/ assistance during the training or handling or controlling the owner’s dog. Any injuries / loss from the dog, owner(s) have to agree not to claim against the company (DR-DOGS.COM) or trainer for any of the expenses.
  • If the owner(s) have gave a false detail(s) by declaring that their dog(s) is not aggressive or by leaving any blank(s) in the form. Any damage/ injuries / loss by DR-DOGS.COM or the trainer or the assistance, owner(s) have to be fully responsible for all the loss or injuries or legal fee claim against the owner.
  • DR-DOGS.COM are not be responsible or owner(s) must not hold DR-DOGS.COM responsible for any unforeseen accident/ incident happened to their dog/ owner(s) during the training ( Class/Home)
  • No refund upon the commencement of training date (Home/ Class).


Hi all,

Before answer to your enquiry, questions:
1. How much is the training?
2. What is the cost?
- Did the owner really care about what/ how is the training?
- Did the owner understand every individual trainer provide different kind of training and services? and their experience and knowledge on solving the problems?
- Did you get the right training / trainer for your problem(s)?
- How your dog is being trained:
1) Trainer talk and advise only without hands on touching your dog?
2) Dog only trained by trainer?
3) Trainer train the owner to train their dog?

Why choose us:
1. You are paying 1 training fee with 2 professional services
( " Qualify " Behaviors and Obedience trainer + " Qualify " Medical person on health and food advise)
2. Unlimited service after training, on :
(Your Behaviors and Obedience + Health problems)
3. We provide varies methods to solve your problem(s) but " not fix method " as every individual dog and problem are difference.
4. Save hundred and thousand of dollars for monthly basic grooming and medical health problem(s) on your dog.
5. Toilet training, obedience and behavior problems, results are proven with "Genuine" videos, photos and feedback by owner with their text reply.
6. We don't waste your time by providing just Basic Obedience with for 8 or 10 lessons with every lesson doing the same exercise as this can be taught with half to 1 hour training.
7. Specialize in these training for more then 17 years
* If you want us " to train according to your budget or match the price of what other trainer have quoted you", just give us your price to match.
* If you want " our quality training and services", we need to know more details according to your dog's problem, breed, age and what you want. We will quote you according with different courses for you to choose. No obligation after quote is up to you to decide.
Market rate for dog training, information given by dogs' owners:
$150/hr or $200/ visit (only teach tricks and obedience) trainer don't touch your dog. or $1,400 to $1800 (full course). Training fee can be high or very low, what is being trained and how you and your dog is train is more important?????
** Whether the above trainer with / without experience??? is another issue!

Please call during 10am to 9pm for details!
Thanks and good luck to you!

Hotline (9842 9109) 10am to 9pm
Some owners ask for discount!
Sorry to said we have not increase our fees for the past few years and furthermore there this different type of course(service price) you can choose for, according to your budget. If you need more days to train your dog, we can split up the syllabus but you have to pay extra for the transport and time.
If I could give you discount then there won't be a "standard in my training" and you have to worry about what and how I train you and your dog.

Everything in the market has gone up inflation. You can't eat at the 5 or 6 stars restaurant and ask for a cafe or hawker center price!

As feed back from our existing customers who check around and also being trained by other trainer before, our price are very reasonable according to what we taught and service. Others are either the very high price or low type. Our training fee are average according to the type of syllabus and owner can have a choice for their budget. What we teach is informative and value for money!

We know some have save up $$ and try themselves but please remember. Training Behaviors dogs are not like fixing a faulty television, the more you drag and bad habits are form very badly, you must be more patience to take longer time to solved!

** Some dogs' owner had forgotten they are paying 1 standard price for 2 professional services for "Home Puppy Interactive Training" where others is 1 to 1 for a simple training!


Wolfy - 3 months + old Husky (by it's look and size is about 4-5months old)
At first owner wants a problem solving only for nipping and play bite, end up take up the "Puppy Interactive Training" instead! Owner has kept many dog before but never trained an she understand that she must have a Complete and Proper training before problems being form! ( Don't wait to problem turn from bad to worst then ask the trainer for result!)

Wolfy biggest problem is can't sit still, nipping, play bite, snatch things and food from owner, not listening, don't walk on leash, jumping, mess up the owner's plants.....

In this video, all feedback and comments about our training are directly from the owner! Nothing extra added

Mica goes for re train due to behavior changes " Bits owners while being carry"!
Luckily, owner quickly consult us immediately and goes for retrain instead of bad to worst habits being form!

Dog's behavior are subject to changes due to incident(s) happened. It is best to get it solve in the early age or stage rather then wait!

Usually trainer will not hands on with aggressive dog instead of training the dog they just talk and give advise or use training tools on the dog!

Owner are willing to pay for aggressive training which is more costly but finally his dog problem was not so serious and furthermore it was trained by us, only charge a very decent fee!

6 Months Old Poodle - Brownie
Owner take up the puppy interactive training!
3 months Old Bosco - Pug take up the Home Puppy Interactive training
He is a very playful and vocal dog, problems is play bites, bites owner's toes and toilet

 Max 2.5 months old Jack Russell Terrier
Owner take up the 2 days "Puppy Interactive Training"!
The earlier you train a puppy the better you can control them!
Mold them to fit into your lifestyle!
Don't wait till problems form very badly then you try to correct them!

3 month+ Kyoshi Japanese Spitz taking up the "Puppy Interactive Training"
He likes to bite toes, jump, lazy to walk........ Japanese Spitz are usually having stubborn characters and do not like to be push around.
A correct and proper training is needed during the early age!
Don't wait to problem(s) comes then you start to "CORRECTING" them!

2 months+ old Bella Golden Retriever take up the 'Home Puppy Interactive Training"
Bella has been biting the whole family, owner legs with lots of bruises create by her!

2 months old - Hunter Shetland Sheepdog taking up the "Home Puppy Interactive Training"

Our training and service support helps owners' save $$$$, as it is value for money that benefits both owner and dog!

Health and Food advise was taught and support with unlimited followup if their dog encounter any problem b4
they visit a vet! That will helps u save $$$$!  (Over here u pay 1 price and get 2 professional support)

For Dogs Training it can't be compared, unless you dare to try out and know the differences!

Bubble 5 months old cockapoo take up the home puppy interactive training!

** Dogs Training is NOT only about on PRICE or DAYS!
~What is trained? ~How your dog is trained? ~Does your trainer knows how to train? ~Will your trainer
hands-on, on your dog and show you how to train or just by talking? ~ After training is there any followup?
~More important is, can they commit on what they promise?

**** Our "Home Puppy Interactive Training" comes with unlimited followup and over here you pay only 1 price for 2 Professional Service! ****

Big Foot 5 years Old Italian greyhound & Zuzu 2 years Old Italian greyhound, both take up a 1 day Home Consultation training!
Some dogs' owner maybe skeptical, can 1 or 2 days train a dog?
In our course or courses we can have 4 days or 6 days or even 10 days but why wasting time!
- If each lesson is 1 or 1.5hrs and the trainer is in the rush or always doing the training exercise or can't teach, can you learn anything or are you wasting your time?
- If we break our course into 4 days with 4 visiting lessons, are you willing to pay extra for our transport & time?
For Dog Behavior training no one is going to guarantee you anything, result are base on how serious/ bad your dog being inherited! If anyone promise you NO PROBLEM, Result Guarantee then you better make them sign an agreement with a witness to back you up :) :)
** In our course we make sure, we'll spend valuable & quality time to provide the owner more beneficial knowledge and skill on how to training their dog! If owner really need us to come for another visit to guide them, they will just pay a decent fee will do. So far majority after much practice on what we taught, they have no problem handling their dog!

10 years+ ago, Hershey in Home Puppy Interactive Training!
Later join the Comprehensive Obedience Class training

2.5 months+ old Max Shih Tzu take up the Home Puppy Interactive Training!

In our training we allow owner to ask any questions on their dog, Some problem(s) need more time to see how it happened. We believes in spending longer quality time to teach till the owner understand what was taught rather then provide more days with only 1 or 1.5hr per session rushing with the time and wasting money!

What owner want for training is Beneficial and Value for money training!

Snowflake - 5 mths + pomeranian
Problems: Like to bite legs, toilet training, dun like to be touch on the face, pick up anything on the floor to chew or eat!
Please Note: Aggressive problem(s) will take time to correct and control! Best is to get your puppy train as earlier as possible, DON'T let bad habits turn from bad to WORST!
We are conducting "Behavior and Temperament" training NOT repairing a television where owners always ask for quick and immediate result when they had an aggressive dog!
Worst incident happened here, an adult dog has bitten his owner and the hospital bill in Singapore $8,000.00!
Whether can the trainer trained or a newbie - Standard market rate for home training is $120 to $150 per hour, so for "aggressive adult dog" don't expect a cheap training fee!


We have encountered "dishonest Dogs' Owner", when making enquires said their dog is a puppy and do not have aggressive problem so that they can have a cheaper training fee but upon confirmation during visit it is a different stories!

If owners gives "false info" in order just to have a lower training fee, we will have the rights charge you a transport fee of $80 because you are wasting our time as we are already at your place and due to you don't accept the actual training fee for aggressive training and also cancel the training!

** Dishonest Dogs' Owner, please stay away from our service or else we'll publish you in our facebook for all to see!

Dishonest Dogs' Owner - Some people you can never be trust!

When this dishonest owner call up for enquires
1) Told my assistance (Vet advise owner to have his dog - Jack Russell domestical train!)
2) I return call, owner "didn't mention anything about aggressive" at all, only want to train "one dog Jack Russell" due to timid and excited pee, so a standard normal fee was quoted)
3) He claim his dog only 4 to 5 months puppy , Jack Russell want a normal training!
4) Upon reaching his home outside, both a 7 year Maltese and an almost adult mogrel barking, growl and charging at the main gate where we stand trying to reach us and bite!
5) Found out from helper both dogs has been bitting visitors before and any visitors that comes into the house, both dogs have to be confine to one side.
6) Waited about 10 mins for owner to be down, I try to get a final check and ask why he want to train his dog but he still denied that his dog is "NOT Aggressive" till i mention what he told my assistance (Vet advise owner to have his dog domestically train) and what his helper told me (His dog has bitten visitors before)!
7) Then he admit his dog bite the vet, helper ......etc after further conversation.
8) I then told him straight his dog is not a Jack Russell and the age in not 4 to 5 months, he still denied till I proved to him and he look into the vet consultation card it show breed "Morgrel".
9) Ask him again, when dogs go for a walk outside the house did this dog charge and bite passerby or other dogs before. He still denied again till I told him to bring his dog outside the house, this dog saw a road cleaner walking passby, she bark and charge at the cleaner. So I bring this dog away from the owner, from far saw a girl with a dog whom is staying nearby was so afraid to walk by us. It proven his guy is really dishonest! The neighborhood people will know better what kind of dog he has.
10) This owner didn't accept the fee for aggressive dog training as my quote to him is only for normal training fee which he is trying to take advantage of and worst he didn't pay me for the time he book my appointment and transport to travel to his place!

What a Dishonest, Selfish & Irresponsible person!

** This owner he has been wasting my time as my training usually start from 10am or 10.30am and he wanted the training to be at his place at 9am! I told him aggressive dog training is not the price I quoted and furthermore owner has been hiding a lot of things by trying to get a cheaper deal and he is not willing to pay to get his dog train!

*** Last warning to those dogs' owner whom behave like the same person above, you are "Not Welcome" to call us or engage our service! This time I will give no chance by embarrassing the person with their face and address posted here for everyone to see!

2.5 month Neko Shiba Inu take up the 2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training"
Toilet Training need not to have so many days to trained.
We are the first to offer dog indoor toilet training in Singapore and we came across many problems usually is
from the dog behaviors being form and some little details that the owner has over look!

6 months old Veera Pug Mix taking up the Home Puppy Interactive Training.
Problems: Toilet Training, Hyperactive, likes to play bites, pickup socks and anything on the floor.
Try breaking the habits as he had not pee in the newspaper before, he finally pee in the newspaper
(Breaking a dog habits it need owner's patience and to have results, it also depend how bad the habits is!)

Ralfus 7 months + old Labrador Retriever take up the Home Puppy Interactive Training
Problems: over playful, likes to use his mouth to grab people, play bite, stubborn want his way, like to steal
toys, food from kids, pickup things on the floor and don't like to walk on leash!

5 Month+ Oreo French Bulldog take up the 2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training!
Problems: Toilet training, possessive and will bite someone who took his toy..., like to bite and nip the children and is very hyperactive
We don't believe in giving EMPTY PROMISSEs, to win your deal!
3 months+ Cherry Japanese Spitz take up the 2 days "Home Puppy Interactive Training"
Problems face: Biting and aggression.
I believes some owners told me in the forum and some trainers said don't correct or stop your dog, if they are
agrressive or naughty, try divert them with treats! ASK YOURSELF, IS THIS LOGICAL?
What I mean "Correction", it can be Verbal or Physical type but it "must be" the proper way :)
Some may said don't shout or scold your dog????
Dogs training is not only talking it depends whether the person or trainers dare to hand on touching your dog!
For Adult Dog with "Aggressive Problem" fee *FROM $1.2K to $5K!
We don't quote thru SMS, Whatsapp & Messages, as certain course are conducted on certain days!
To Know More, "No Obligation" to call us, thanks!

4 months Teddy Beagle take up 2 days Home Puppy Interactive training
Problems: Food & toys Possessive & guarding bites, Demanding and Harassment at owners that has some human/ dog food in their hands, don't listen to command, don't like to be touch and can't sit still!
Get your puppy trained as early as possible, is important. Don't wait till problem(s) form very badly then you expect speedy result! Control and mould them, when they are puppy not Correct when mistake are badly form!

Re-home 7 months old Moshi (Shih Tzu) take up the 2 days Home Puppy Interactive training!
Owner Prefer their dog to be outdoor toilet train as they don't mind to spare sometime teaching Moshi how to pee & poo there!
No More Treat as you can't always relied on treat to train the dog all the time! Owner try without treats for recall!

4 months old Shiro Japanese Spitz take up the 2 days Puppy Interactive Training!

He was trained before around 3 months old but the ex-trainer (dog behaviorist)dare not touch him and during all the training lessons just talking instead of showing the owner how to train her aggressive dog!

For people that are not willing to pay, will said our fee is high or pricey but for people are willing to pay will, they get some dog trainers(behaviourist) that only "do the talking" for all the lessons but no practical training exercise was done(they don't even dare to touch a aggressive puppy) and these trainers are charging $120 to $150 per hour! If our fee is pricey or high then I believes these people that just only do the talking are really making good money!

Please note every dog trainers or dog behaviourists are differences and what we taught, experience, skill and service are also totally different! You can't base on price or the number of lessons to guage on the service till you dare to try all the services!

The worst case I knew about an aggressive adult dog is, it had cause the owner to spend $8,000 hospital bill another case is one of the family member had to rush to A&E! So by giving your dog a proper training when they are young is important don't wait till problem turn from bad to worst then you ask for guarantee! This is a living thing not a machine ;)
6 months old Lexy Dachshund take up the Home Puppy Interactive Training Thanks to Nicholas for the recommendation on our training! 
More training details refer: or

5 months old Snowy Japanese Spitz take up the 1 day Home Consultation Training.
Snowy has attended class socialize training before the owner engage us!

Dogs obedience training and behaviour training are difference!
Obedience training takes minutes or a few hours to get immediately result but for behaviour training is depending on how serious the problem(s) has inherited!
For Obedience result to be better, owner need to continue practicing to re enforce their training as for behaviour training it depend on the problem (like aggressive, hyperactive, toilet training, bad habits...) and also what type of solutions is taught to solve these problem(s).
So DON't ask for "fast result guarantee" if the dog have not gone thru the training yet, as result will be there depending on whether how the trainer teach with only 1 solution / multi solutions or whether the owner is following on what was taught or how bad or worst is the behaviour problem(s) being form.
Why you can see "fast result" in our videos with NO gimmick? We don't waste time and also drag your training to make you pay +++!
So get the problem(s) fix or in control before things goes from bad to worst!

5 years old Lucky shih tzu take up the 1 day "Home Consultation Training"
Owner cannot leave the maindoor open as he will bark vigorously and charge at anyone outside, need to spoon feed then he will eat, charge at helper that take or clean his pillow, Bark at hand phone rings, bark and chase moving object..
Owner comment she had not open the main door ever since he starts barking and charging people outside till we came!

M & Y 3 months old Chihuahua taken up "Home Puppy Interactive Training"

3 months Old Libby Pug take up 2 days Home Puppy Interactive training.
We not only train your dog, we train you to train your dog!
We don't give/ charge "more lessons" (days) to waste your money and drag your time by doing the "Same" (repeating SOP) exercise on every lessons rather then to teach you the right methods in handling your dog and our syllabus are always value for money! Once you understand all tips, all you have to do is, self practice to get a better results, unless you want to "pay extra" $$$$ for us to repeat again and again on the same training!

*For behavioural problems solving, dog are solved individually according to individual dog with varous medthods but not on "only one solution" for the problem!
Pls note: Not all Obedience training will cover your dog's Behavioural problems! For problem(s) solving on behavior like aggressive, toilet training, barking... it may take time to solve, if owner has delay the time to train their puppy/ dogs. Results will be depending on how bad & long the habits was form! So don't ask "stupid question for immediate results Guarantee", is behavioural problems solving (living things), not replace IC chips or spare parts(machines)! So get your puppy trained earlier (proper training) rather then to correcting bad habits that was form for weeks, months and years!
For our "Home Puppy Interactive training" 100% our clients will feedback "So much things to Learn" rather then "learn the same old thing for every lessons"! Our fee(s) are standard and fix base on what we train, if you want a discount price then name me your price but don't ask me how and what I train!

Nana- 4 Months old Goldendoodle take up a 1 day 3hrs Home Consultation Training 
Problems: Toilet training, No Confident to walk in the public, separation anxiety, jump at owner.

For training Is not the number of days/ lessons, it is "VALUE" of what is train, you can have 5 or 10 lessons training but every lesson you are repeat with the same old thing or exercise, how will you feel?

Maple 2 months old Poodle take up the 1 day 3 hrs Home Consultation Training
Owner already paid another trainer for home training but he keep trying to delay and switch the owner to a class training instead! Deposit gone   

Problems: Toilet training, bites toes and hands, don't listen to commands, jumping, hyperactive, no attention..

Max 5 Months Morkiepoo Terrier take up the 2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training!
Every results is credited to the dog owners on the effort they put in, as how are we going to guarantee result if you don't put in the effort or your expectation are too ridiculous as we train you, your family and your dog NOT repairing a television!

Those who took this course will understand the value of it, as recently a client told me a basic grooming course will already cost them Sin$350.00!

Happy 2 years 11 months poodle take up the 1 day Home Consultation training.
Problems: Toilet training & marking never pee & poo at home before for almost 2 years! During training found bad separation anxiety, timid and some aggressive problems!

As for breaking toilet training habits owner's coordination, patience and initiative is very very important! (as we don't stay with your dog 24/7)

What we teach is how to break, how to solve if there is mistake(s) in various ways, how to prevent future mistakes and how to prevent bad habits! Owner must stay calm to listen properly so when there is mistake happened they can think straight!