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Difficult "Customer(s)" - CUSTOM Anti Bark Collar

Difficult "Customer(s)" - CUSTOM Anti Bark Collar

Yesterday a customer came to buy a anti bark collar with his gf. The person that call is his gf, upon picking up the product, has found this is a difficult person!

He has bought two anti bark collar for his 5 years old husky from one of the Pasir Ris pet farm where he was trained before. All the puppy was told to purchased an anti bark collar during that time of training and now the item he purchased has breakdown and this guy keep asking me whether I could service for him due to he had already sent the device for service and repaired before . We have rejected him as the brand and product is not from us. The item he bought was Sin$150/unit and by sending it for service repair the pet farm have to send back to factory and he have to pay the to and back frieght charges and the parts price and the item can't be fix.

To his annoy with the pet farm. He had ask some idiot questions as will it be painful or inhuman if the anti bark collar zap on his dog. What a contradict questions he has ask, in the first place he had been using only the zap anti bark collar on his Husky when it was puppy, for 5 years. Didn't he asked his trainer why all the students , are told to buy and use it during the training?

I try to teach him the base way(step by step) on how to use CUSTOM anti bark collar, he didn't seem to concentrate but just keep on telling me how bad service he encounter from the pet farm. Our CUSTOM anti bark collar has two function and is unlike what he has purchased only zap funtion!

Zap function has 3 types:
1) zap with certain voltage for few second "without warning" and the voltage can be adjusted according to the owner choice(e.g 15v/ 20v/ 25v/ 30v, so if you dog can take in 15v it will have keep increase the voltage till the dog are frighten and stop, in any incident if the device detect wrongly it will zap with the voltage you set again without warning!)

2)zap at different level of voltage till the dog stop "without warning" ( e.g. 15v/ 20v/ 25v/ 30v.. once the dog bark first zap 15v, don't stop 20v, don't stop again 25v and goes on till the dog are frighten and stop, in any incident if the device detect wrongly it will zap at the last level (voltage) when it bark(20v/25v/?? without warning!)

3) CUSTOM anti bark collar has two function, for zap it will give a "warning" to your dog first without zap! (what the dog learn "warn"!) the zap is (± 13V zap). For this device we will teach the owner step by step(start from basic) to change the dog's behavior!
In some case dogs wear without activate the device, the dog stop barking immediately!
Some with the Beep it will stop immediately!
For zap it will warn the dogs first without zap  again it has a auto reset function for 30 sec if the dog stop barking, it will reset to warning again! Safe for dog!

*** Updated on 20/5/2014 customer are happy with the device till now no complaint!

What this guy bought is 2) zap function but he don't even know how is works!
- I ask this guy that bought the two anti bark collar from the pet farm, is there any product training  when you purchased during the training? Answer is NO
- Do you know how is the function for the device he used earlier? Answer is NO he only assume how the function work but find out how!
* From the above it show, selling is easier without proper training! 
Once a dogs owner has been using the product for too long or taught with wrong concept of training. It is very difficult to get your words thru them!

Finally he has purchased it and till today more then 24 hours there is no complaint ;) !

 *** Updated on 23/5/2014, not complaint from this customer. He should be comfortable with the device!

Inconsiderate person that only think for themselves!
Today another customer who call and fix appointment to pickup in the morning but last minutes change the appointment to 10 pm!

By fixing an appointment we make ourselves free for  ± 1-2hours before the timing or sometime we have to rush back from another place ! Last minutes changes or cancel appointment is a inconsiderate person that only think for themselves!

By right today is Saturday we plan for an outing in the evening, so the appointment is fix at 9pm. Ok cancel all my plan. Again last minutes changes said can't make it! Ask whether I work at town side plan to pickup another day!

 *** Updated on 20/5/2014, this enquires did not call back!He may be our competitor / inconsiderate person!

Some people may complaint others for  bad services!  Again where and who can we complaint for these kind of people!

- Many of these people reserved a sit or table for a seminar or dinner at the restaurants, last minutes they don't turn up they don't care! 

- Some asked for delivery but don't want to pay for the transport!

- Product training for CUSTOM anti bark collar not Product training on your dog!

- There is some who need a solution urgently due to lawyer letter in/ HDB or AVA step in, these customers will immediately want answer. Worst is some call around 10-11pm and wanted pickup the device immediately! Please Note we are not 7 eleven 24 hours convenience store!

- One customer call and scold said can't buy battery for it anti bark collar, earlier already text them(couple) the place where to buy and how to use the device. At the end they are using the old phone can't received long sms text or whatsapp! Again break the message into 3 pages and text to them but they didn't even mention the words of thanks! Extreme rude! 

The following are bad "Customers" ( I don't think they are our customers as they have yet to pay for the service!)

** These people fix an appointment at 4.45pm. At 4.42pm sms said can't turn up and at the end didn't turn up at all! Who can we trust, wasting our time!

** This is the worst person fix a dog home training appointment at Jurong, when reach the home no one there! Already put carpark coupons and travel from East to West and is raining on that day! End up never take up the service. May god bless these people for what they did!

 ** The above was found in pets channel, this member had defamation and  infringe our trademark! This member is not a customer, he/she is selling the product and he/she condemn our services! 

卖假花说香 not 卖花说香!

***Pedipaws is DR-DOGS.COM registered approved trade mark by IPOS.
(This product has discontinue due to too much fake product that lead to bad reviews from the people who bought it.)

Recently another case at Pet channel!  One of the person give a remarks, he/she had use our anti bark collar and is faulty after 3 months. Note: Our product comes with 3 days 1 to 1 exchange and free local service repair after that.. Look an item is use on the dog(animal) and anything could had happen due to misuse or mishandling! Other similar products does not provide our type of after sale service or they will charge their customers for all the services.

I don't know where these people come from as they are coward  that hide behind of the computer using a fake namewhether this people is my competitor or jealous of what we do and they try to bad mouth our company!  We have record for every customers name, dog breed and phone number, just give us your details and we can tell whether these people are genuine people that give a bad remarks!

Again Pet channel is not a good forum web as I try to register and login to find out from these people on how I could help but was rejected! Hope the government will come out with a law that the person who mange the web forum must also be fully responsible for their member(s) that put a defame remarks in their web but not only the the person upload the remarks! 

Like I always said some humans are worst then dogs! Irresponsible, Selfish, Inconsiderate and Cunning !

On a 15th June 2015 about 10.30pm a very rude enquires called! The mum told your daughter to check around about training but when  I was talking to her daughter! I can heard her mum behind the background barking non stop with questions so I told her to pass to her mum to answer instead of on the speaker phone barking non stop!

This lady thinks she have some money and being frustrated talking to too many trainers before me that can't convince her. She ask me to compare me with our trainers! I told we are providing professional service not sell an item, if she want to know better about our training she can refer to our web or facebook, there videos and sms text about our training. I don't bad mouth others or do lip service to get her deal! She told her she got not time to surf web to see but she got money in order for her to come out with the money, I got to convince her!

Before comment product is faulty please check properly!
This inconsiderate guy complaint our products is faulty, ok we do a one to one within 2 days of purchase!
Keep harassing while I'm in training and request to meet at his convenience place for exchange. End up the product has no problem! Owner didn't inform me

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