Monday 26 August 2019

2019 Home Training Update 一到两天. 狗儿服从认厕所和好行为训练!


一到两天. 狗儿服从认厕所和好行为训练!

Our training services goes beyond Obedience & Behavioral training!

Hotline (9842 9109) 10am to 9pm

Terms and Conditions (Dogs Training By DR-DOGS.COM)
  • Upon filling up and sign on the “dog’s training application form”, owner are liable and agreed with all the terms and conditions stated by DR-DOGS.COM
  • The Terms and Conditions of our training are subjected to changes without prior notice.
  • Details & particular filled by the owner personally in the “dog’s training application form” are acknowledge by the owner and to be true.
  • Acknowledge letter and details of the terms and conditions will be mail to the owner(s) for class training only as for home training owner can only refer online at or any changes in our terms and conditions, we will only update in our blog.
  • For Home Individual or Consultation Behavior Problem(s) Solving, DR-DOGS.COM trainer will only follow up according to the problem(s) brought up by the owner during the training period. Follow up is not for unlimited and any follow up that is not related to what has brought out during the training DR-DOGS.COM will have the rights to charge a service fee.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, follow up are unlimited but according to the time & availability of the trainer.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, owner are able to bring out problem(s) that was not covered during the training and the trainer will try his best to assist the owner.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, the 2 days course have to be complete within 2 week (1 week apart), any delay we will have the right to crease the training or charge an addition cost for it.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, the follow up service will be crease once the dog is transfer to a different owner or address.
  • DR-DOGS.COM are not be responsible that our training will meet the expectation for all owner(s). As every individual has different expectation or preferences.
  • Owner(s) have to understand for aggressive problem(s) solving, owner have to trust the trainer professionalism in handling of their dog and the trainer or DR-DOGS.COM will not claim any injuries / loss cause by the dog, if the owner have already stated their dog is aggressive in the “dog’s training application form”.
  • Indirectly in the event when the dog attack the trainer/ assistance during the training or handling or controlling the owner’s dog. Any injuries / loss from the dog, owner(s) have to agree not to claim against the company (DR-DOGS.COM) or trainer for any of the expenses.
  • If the owner(s) have gave a false detail(s) by declaring that their dog(s) is not aggressive or by leaving any blank(s) in the form. Any damage/ injuries / loss by DR-DOGS.COM or the trainer or the assistance, owner(s) have to be fully responsible for all the loss or injuries or legal fee claim against the owner.
  • DR-DOGS.COM are not be responsible or owner(s) must not hold DR-DOGS.COM responsible for any unforeseen accident/ incident happened to their dog/ owner(s) during the training ( Class/Home)
  • No refund upon the commencement of training date (Home/ Class).


It is understood for all our customers (dogs' owner) knew that we will post all our training videos in our facebook, blog or youtube as they get to know us from there!

** As we respect the owner's wish/ concern, if owner(s) do not wish their training video to be shown to the public, they are advise to inform us (in advance) before the training start "so that we won't waste any of our time compiling all the individual video clips into a video"!

3 months Inuka Maltipoo recommended by Cody's owner to take up 
2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training.马耳他混合贵宾犬
Problems: Jump alot, barks, chase mop, don't like to be comb and vaccum cleaner nipping ,toilet training, too hyperactive.

Owner's feedback and our followup!

3 month plus Lucky Shiba Ina Take up 2 days Home Puppy Interactive training.柴犬
Problems: bites hands, aggressive growl, can't groom, don't listen and focus, very stubborn and don't give way, jumping and toilet training.

Puppy/ Dog Problem(s) Solving and Training *$100/hr
Usual Fee $150/hr Home Problem(s) Solving : Now! $100/hr (*Promo with Limited Period & Condition Apply)
Mon- Thurs (10.30am - 5pm Booking): $100/hr (Valid for 5Km within Serangoon NEX)
Mon -Thurs (5pm -7pm Booking): $110/hr (Valid for 5Km within Serangoon NEX)
* Additional $10 for further destination 
* Fee quote above not for aggressive problems solving.

Other courses on Fri, Sat & Sun (Around 10.30am or 3.30pm)  :
- Home Consultation Training (3 hrs): Please Call for Fee, No Obligation
- Unlimited Followup - Home Puppy Interactive Training (2 days course) : Please Call for Fee, No Obligation
Hotline: 9842 9109 (10am to 9pm) 
Alot to digest, as we'll teach the maximum without any reserved !!!

With some patience and effort put in, Lucky finally pee and poo in the tray (indoor)
3.5 months Ponzu Shiba Inu take up the 2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training 柴犬
Problems: Chewing, toilet training, jumping, humping, barks...

Owner's feedback: Practice make perfect, every result is 
owner's effort!
Owner's feedback:Once habits or routine form badly it will take time 
and effort to change it! 
Patience is the key word and advise.

YuanYuan Poodle and DuoDuo Maltipoo first time owner wants a proper training, they take up 2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training 贵宾(妇)犬 马耳他混合贵宾犬

YuanYuan 4 months plus very serious in separation anxiety problem & DuoDuo 2 months plus very playful

Owner's feedback:

4 Months+ MoMo Japanese Spitz take up 2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training 
公幼犬 日新犬舍 狐狸狗

Problems: Not listening, don't like to be touch, toilet training and most important owner wants to have a proper training before anything goes wrong with her dog!
Owner's feedback

Mugi Shiba Inu 3 months plus take up the 2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training 柴犬
One of the most lovely and adorable dog that will always please the owner!

3 months Nuggets Maltipoo, take up 2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training! 
Problems: toilet training, play bites, jumpy, can't wear harness/ collar, can't groom,
afraid of hair dryer...
Owner's feedback
Bambi 3 months plus Welsh Corgi ,recommended by owner friend's Alfred to take up 2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training!潘布鲁克威尔士柯基犬

Owner don't wish their video to be posted in social media, so NO posting of video in Facebook / Youtube.


Meiji 1 year Old Japanese Spitz has possessive problems, owner take up a 1 day Home Consultation Training! 公幼犬 日新犬舍 狐狸狗
Owner don't wish their video to be posted in social media, so NO posting of video in Facebook / Youtube.
Don't wait till problem(s) happened, a "proper foundation training" was necessary for all puppies!

Owner's feedback

5 months Spadine Corgi,which was recommended by Choya's owner take up the 1 day 3hrs Home Consultation Training! 潘布鲁克威尔士柯基犬
Is NOT the number of days/ lessons, is the quality time for Dog Training!
Don't wait till problem(s) happened, a proper foundation training is necessary for all puppies!

Problems: Food aggression(possessive) & toilet training.

Due to owner don't wish to reveal their training/ house to the public, video was removed!
Owner's feedback

4 mths old Snowie Japanese Spitz take up 2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training. 
公幼犬  日新犬舍   狐狸狗

Berry Silky Terrier 5 years old and a Jack Russell Terrier already trained in our Class training before! 

All dogs and breed are individual and differences!
Owner's Feedback

5 months old Monty Westie x Scottish Terrier, take up 2hrs training on toilet training and obedience! 
西部高地梗狗 混合 苏格兰梗狗

This dog was back in this house for 3 days and owner wish to get him train ASAP! Owner's first dog Brutus, was trained trained by me, 14 years ago for Aggressive problem!
Owner learn what he wants to know!
Owner's feedback

Shadow 4 months old Pomsky take up the 2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training.
博美犬 混合 西伯利亚雪橇犬 Problems: Nipping/Bite, Chew anything, Barking, Pulling, Jumping, toilet training
Owner's feedback:

4 months old Milou Japanese Spitz take up 3hrs Home Consultation Training
公幼犬 日新犬舍 狐狸狗
Toilet Training, Barking, Obedience, Nipping & bitting
*Owner do not wish to have their training posted online, so is only the dog itself.
Domo French Bulldog 4 Months Old : Active and Highly Alert! 
Edo French Bulldog 4 Months Old : Very Relax and Lazy type!
Take up 2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training by both owners (brothers) whom is very committed with it, Thumbs UP!

* Owner do not wish to have their training posted online, so is only both dogs itself.
Owner's feedback:
Owner's feedback on the dogs barks in the middle of the night or early morning
Owner's feedback toilet training
Ollie 7 months Chow Chow X (rehome dog) take up
1 day 3hrs Consultation Training!鬆獅犬
Problems: Barking, Fearful, Cannot touch her Head, Don't like man, Eats very fast, Afraid of going outside.
Oreo 10 years old, trained by us when he was a little puppy!
Owner's Feedback
Haru 3 months Japanese Spitz take up the 2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training!
公幼犬 日新犬舍 狐狸狗
Problems: Barking, Toilet training, Bitting, Jumping, Separation anxiety, don't like to go outdoor and walk on leash
Owners Feedback:


Friday 28 June 2019

Snowy Training Incident

It brings light to Snowy!

I was adopted around 2 months+ !
I was trained by 4 ex-trainers before!
You think I'm a pet, I'm my owner's baby!
On 9 March 2019 first day training, my 4th trainer Mr Stanley Koh asked my owner what she did when if I don't listen or being naughty But 我照的跟它打!”.  
I do not have a normal collar or harness, all the time I'm using "Slip Leash"!

The owner’s has drove us beyond our tolerance limits, as she was not willing to take down her Facebook and make an apology thinking that she is not at fault for defamation! Besides engaging our lawyer to act for defamation, we have no choice but to disclose some of the videos & photos as to proof what kind of person she is

As a company, she had already damaged our reputation and spoit our business for these few months and our business have to go on! So I have to post this statements to clear our name and reputation on what has actually happened! 

Why I decided to post this today, it was due to my personal matters that is more important to solve first and now it is solved. Thanks to God for helping me!

As what Ms Serene told the registrar ( Small Claim Tribunals), we knew Snowy is her 4 months old her baby but don’t forget our Company and my name and the training syllabus (puppy interactive training) is over 20 years, our reputation is not easily established. 

Ms Jess Neo and the Registrar knew earlier, I’m going for Surgery on the 20 June 2019! I’m on Hospitalisation Medical Leave and just discharged on 21 June 2019, on 25 June 2019, Mr Ramesh Singh from Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS formally AVA) called me and follow up with an email to request for my statement for the incident happened on the dog, Snowy. Without prejudice, we guessed it could be the owner Ms Jess Neo that tried to stir up the incident as we were wondering why the incident happened on 16 March 2019 and the uploaded of Snowy case in the owner’s Facebook was on 28 March 2019 at 4:52 PM, till 25 June 2019 (about 3 months) they started to investigate this matter, why so coincidence after my surgery?

Only when Mr Ramesh Singh from Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS formally AVA) called, I started to look into the first day's training and as the incident only happened on second day's training. I found out the “slip collar” that the owner had been using all the time and she herself mentioned what she usually did to her BABY puppy “But 我照的跟它打!” before the training started. Maybe is GOD helping Snowy again!

We believe, what owner mentioned in her Facebook, “It brings light to Snowy” yes we agreed! As we feel pity for Snowy and feel sorry for Snowy on whether he has the right owner?

Once again, we want to sincerely thank all who had been with us during this trying period, trusting our professionalism, supporting us with their heart-warming messages and calls and also all those who has been silently support us with all their hearts and prayers...

** When I try to reply and send message to Nitzens from her Facebook , it has been block me! "She is a social media expert"!  Why block me, where I'm showing proof? So manything to hide!

Take Note: All training videos and photos are solely owned by DR-DOGS.COM, it is solely for us to review the training and further advise the owner(s) about their dog habits/ problems, we will not show any videos or photos with dialogue without owner's permission! In our training we will not upload any videos or photo in our Facebook / Blog, if the owner(s) has informed us in advancenot to post it”!


Since Ms Jess Neo has requested videos in her Facebook, we will post it according to what she requested!

She explained in her Facebook, she loves and treats her dog like “her baby”!

   First Day Training

    How she treat “her baby”, when she had him around the age of 2 months plus onwards? 
     - (See VideosBut 我照的跟它打!” 

    What did she use to torture “her baby”, Snowy? (See Videos)
     - Training tool (Slip Leash)” was used for about 2 months

-       Now we know why Snowy always hide below her bed and run outside of the house to hide under the shoe cupboard?

     (Listen to her tone)  "But 我照的跟它打!” 
She was being advised twice NOT TO BEAT HER BABY

What the puppy, Snowy was using for about 2 months was “ Slip Collar”!
Ask the owner, Snowy have any normal collar? NO

Owner’s husband afraid Snowy’s bite during the massage exercise, a dog muzzle was used on Snowy!

For Those who don't understand what is Slip Leash or 
Slip Collar! Is this a Choke Collar?
Snowy's Symptom "non- cardiogenic pulmonar edema", these could be this reasons!  

What age can a puppy wear a “Choke Chain”?

Can “Choke Chain” hurt my puppy?

Can choke chain cause “Tracheal Collapse”?

Can dogs die from “Tracheal Collapse”?

Tracheal Collapse” in Dogs!
 ** Based on our training experiences for over twenty years, as an ethical trainer/ school, we DISCOURAGED puppies below 6 months old or dogs that has breathing problems to use “choke chain” or “Slip Collar” as all my customers knew about it.

** All our Customers knew, we always advised them not to beat/ hit their pups/ dogs.

** Our training for puppies is usually with or without leash control and with normal collar or harness as all customers knew about!

** Snowy as a puppy at this age from our point of view, we believed Snowy has been mentally and physically been tortured with what the owner Ms Jess Neo has done and used on him from the age of about 2 months plus.

** From our experience, dog owner(s) whom trained their dogs before with more than two trainers, they would always use various methods (training tool(s) or way of handling their dog) taught by these trainers and applied on their puppy/dog!
(For example an incident happened years ago, in our class training, we saw an owner kicked her dog and she said her ex‐trainer taught her so previously and she was stopped immediately by me, not to use this kicking method on her dog!)

- For such young puppy below 4 months old, Snowy have to suffer training by 3 ex-trainers!
- Why use a “slip collar” at this young age, do you think is ok ?
- Is there anything wrong with the Puppy or the Owner? 

* If I will to torture or kill a puppy/ dog, I will encourage this owner to keep beating or hit Snowy! 

I hope all dog lovers, Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS formally AVA) or any of the animal welfare group will look into the above whether beating a puppy and using slip collar is ok for Snowy!


During training owner had admitted earlier that she had given him large portion of kibbles, “fine dry meat” from meaty bone and drank a lot of water during training with the presence of the registrar when she was questioned by my assistant Ms Serene. + Long usage of “Slip Collar” for about 2 months and her abusive way “But 我照样的跟它打!” of treating her dog. These could be the reasons!

Fine Dry Meat , Large Portion of Kibbles and drink a lot of water taken during training

Fine Meaty Bone, owner bought a lot and import in this meaty bone, although she was told to discard as the it triggered Snowy aggressiveness but she still insisted to train him to accept it!
Large Portion Kibbles was due to Owner can do a 2 mins Stay for food and her husband can achieved 5 mins. So she wanted to train and achieved better results. Food was scoop by owner and when asked, she said was OK as Snowy had not eaten yet! 


Onwer's Facebook base "on her own opinion" :

She mentioned in her Facebook: “3‐4 minutes pinned down and we continued training her dog for 30 minutes and immediately she went home her dog hide under the bed, the wheezing symptom occurred to your dog, Snowy!”

(It sounded so scary to everybody that Ms Jess Neo’s trainer's Mr Stanley had injured her dog and continue training him. He is the killer according to the netizens claimed in her and my Facebook! )

-        The above was “based on her own opinion” without any proof to defame and accused me and the company! Liar

-          As owner mentioned for such a long timing 3-4 minutes pin down! 
       Will you stop the trainer from doing so, if you saw these during the training then?
       Do you think Snowy can survive with this?

-        She was later being questioned by me about her Facebook  in the “Small Claim Tribunals” submission" Are you sure the timing and after pin down her dog Snowy feels uncomfortable and I continue training Snowy for 30 mins. Snowy reached home and immediately hide under her bed and the Symptom (non- cardiogenic pulmonar edema) occur! Later in the middle of the night when the submission deadline for Consultation was over, She started to change the pinned down timing to 2-4 mins in her court submission. It varies again!  She brought out irrelevant things to mislead and confused about the whole incident!
      * From 3-4 mins she changed to 2-4 mins!

-       I have checked my videos and photos for the second lesson, the problem occurred 20 mins after the lesson was over! We had already left the owner’s home, when we were having our late lunch due to the demanding and delay from this owner. Usually our second day's training ends around 1.5 to 2 hrs as all my customers knew, for this case she demanded for more after seeing results on first day so it take up 3 hrs plus.  

Ask yourself, if you conduct a swimming lesson and you already dismissed the class. Once you left the pool for 20 mins, anything goes wrong with the kid(s), is the swimming instructor responsible for it?
     Our Second day training usually (1.5 to 2 hours) 
     - Recap what owner don't know on first day
     - Basic grooming
     - Outdoor obedience
     - Tricks (option)
     * For this case owner insisted Snowy to be trained on the Meaty Bone aggressiveness & Food Sit Stay. (for food sit stay we will advise owner that those can't do, leave it to the person that can do first and one cannot be overdo in this type of training)

-       Next we have proof and evidence after Snowy pinned down, nothing unusual happened for a long period of time (about 1hr 15mins) much longer than what she mentioned in her Facebook in order for her to win the trust from the Netizens and she was smiling and very happy all the way with good comments on Snowy till we left the owner's home.(These evidence will be kept for my lawyer's action for defamation)
If Snowy was distressed after pinned down, why was Ms Jess Neo (owner) smiling n reacting so happily???

 Owner's Husband walking home with Snowy

NO Sign of anything happened to Snowy for about 1hrs 15mins> till training end!

Happy Smiling face from owner after pin down and during short outdoor training. Snowy wagging his tail and runs to the owner during recall!

Owner Facebook to “seek the greater public help

Those who choose to believe her or those who are her friends to assist her in speculating this matter , have been cursing us with Karma (company closes down….) and scolded with abusive words (bastard, Asshole, fuck trainer, heartless trainer, killer, use force to injured dog almost died…) one said with adult size I kill the puppy( If you or your spouse or your kids have tattoo can one said you are a gangster or bad guy? Pls be reasonable!)  Netizens' harassment unreasonable … Yes, we strongly believe in Karma and whatever we do / say.. GOD WILL KNOW!

-       We found out a nice lady that text me to see Snowy’s owner Facebook for the very first time, was actually the owner’s friend (see pic). Owner mentioned her name in the presence of the Registrar at the Small Claim Tribunals.

-       We believe these was planned by her to set me up! On 28 March 2019 at 4:52 PM she uploaded her personal comments in her Facebook with the Medical Report without Vet's name. On 29 March 2019 she filed a claim from Small Claim Tribunals and on 30 March 2019 she get her friend to text me! (We don’t get to see the medical report until 30 March 2019,  when she uploaded it to the public) The actual report we did not see at all!

Nice Lady was owner's Friend

Now we may believe those cyber bullies that try to speculate her story and harassment in our Facebook, Youtube and Google reviews, maybe be owner's friends?? JPYM 's review cannot be taken out in "GOOGLE REVIEW" till today

-       Earlier, 16 March 2019, without knowing the actual cause of Snowy's problem (did not see any of Snowy medical report & bill since 16 March 2019 till 30 March 2019). Of goodwill we agreed when she cried and said she got no money and asked for partial refund on training fee and later on 21 March 2019, she kept asking for more because "they have statement from vet proving that Snowy is in this condition is because of "strangulation" and I was threaten with a statement: "Since you do not show any responsibility and not being cooperative, then we will do what we should do."  

     Ask yourself, If a person want to claim any money from you without showing any proof of the medical report and bill that she is going to claim from you, will you pay her? 

-       In the Small Claim Tribunals she keep adding the claim amount on the first day( E‐NEGOTIATION) till there is a discrepancy and she was questioned by the registrar!

Owner's Sister reply with the comments below:
May I asked using a Slip Collar (Choke Collar) for a young puppy for months, is this Consider "Strangulating" ?

Owner, owner's friend and snowy ex-trainers also pinned him down!

-          On 16 March 2019 Snowy admitted to Hospital, on 17 March 2019 early in the morning we visited Snowy and we have to call and message owner several time. In order to see Snowy, owner have to call the Hospital before we are allowed to see him (Proof of calls and messages have been submitted to small claim court) 

     Netizens that help her speculate that we are irresponsible, show no concern and don’t bother/care about Snowy!

What is her motive and what is she trying to achieve?
Money? Damage our Reputation and business? Fame?

We call and message owner on 16 & 17 March 2019 

Visiting Snowy on 17 March 2019 early in the morning.

Video send to owner during visiting
Dogs behave very real, If you beat/torture them before, will they wag their tails 
to welcome you?

VES medical report for Snowy shows (please read carefully don’t mislead by different opinion from the Netizens - This is a general report and is the only proof from the owner so far in small claim tribunals!)

- No obvious sign of external abuse, bruising or injuries were noted. (Paragraph 1)


-There was no signs of rib fractures, pleural effusion or diaphragmatic hernia that was noted. (Paragraph 2).


- The working diagnosis in this case was a "non- cardiogenic pulmonar edema". The "possibilities" that could trigger this condition would include....... (Paragraph 3)

THE SYMPTOM WAS "non- cardiogenic pulmonar edema".

*** Owner make use of the word "strangulation" to confuse as "pin down" that I have injure Snowy. Please read the above Medical Report clearly!

** Hide:  No owner's name & Vet name!

Other possibilities found that cause:"Noncardiogenic Pulmonary Edema"
Symptoms and Types
 -Difficulty breathing - Increased breathing rate - Standing in unusual positions to breathe better - Pale or bluish gums - Spitting up pink - frothy saliva - or bubbles of saliva - Increased rate of heart beat
Causes Upper airway obstruction
-Paralysis of the larynx - Choke-chain injury - Mass in the lung - Abscess of the lung
Acute neurologic disease (brain disorders)
- Head trauma - Prolonged seizures
Systemic inflammatory response syndrome
- Bacterial infection in the blood - Inflammation of the pancreas - Electric cord bite injury - Smoke inhalation -  Aspiration pneumonia (sucking fluid back into the lungs)

Another Possibilities found that cause: "Noncardiogenic Pulmonary Edema"

Non-cardiogenic pulmonary oedema

Mmarron-dogarron presented to Vet 24 Hampstead with difficulty breathing after a training episode.She had developed something called non-cardiogenic pulmonary oedema which usually happens in response to a one-off episode of vigorous lead control or collar mishaps, or a choking episode on kibble, for example. Unfortunately, there is no specific reversal treatment and they require intensive care with oxygen therapy. Some dogs even require mechanical ventilation at specialist centres and the condition can be fatal. These events result in fluid accumulation within the lungs.
Thankfully Marron began to improve after 36 hours and made a full recovery but it serves as a reminder that excessive pressure on collars and leads, even for a few seconds, can cause serious harm.

It may also be prudent to avoid large kibble dry food for young/small dogs due to the risk of choking. Marron received round the clock monitoring in case there was deterioration. There are also no long-term concerns.


The integrity and responsibility of this owner has given me a big doubt from the day of her enquires till to day!

- Earlier before training and during enquires, she was not honest to review her puppy Snowy had aggressive problem till she confirmed her training, as Snowy kept biting till she could not hide the problem anymore then she mentioned that dog has slight aggression from her text message! 

- In the application form filled by her “any trainer train before? Left Blank” (proof submitted to small claim)  Ms Jess Neo told the Registrar, we made her sign for the form. (please note, all my customers sign the same form) Can anyone tell me when you join any activities you don't have to sign an application form and honor what you signed for?

- First day, Snowy was aggressive, she just let him approached me without leash no one can touch Snowy as he will bite, almost finished lesson she saw results (then started to review her dog bite her husband, and her friend try to pin down him and was beaten) 

- During the second lesson, Snowy barked at neighbour’s kids told to stop him, she said "Don’t care, they always disturb him" 

- Owner reviewed on second day after the basic grooming, Snowy bite the groomer’s face, as she could not bathe him due to his aggressiveness and she had to send him for weekly bath and Snowy had 3 ex-trainers before me.  

- I’ve got bitten on first day, no plasters was offered! 

- Second day he bite me again, more serious this time.I use my own plasters again and she said it was a" minor injury" but my assistant help me up with the wound, what she cared for was how many holes had Snowy bite me.

** Based on her opinion,Snowy bites me is minor or barks at others is ok... if minor why do i need my assistant to attend to my wound as she mentioned in her FB.

Reference for pining dog/puppy‐do‐mother‐dogs‐discipline‐puppies

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Updated on: 18 Oct 2019

Call AVS and understand from the officer case was dismissed after their investigation:

Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) senior officer has personally visited me as a witness & trainer that totally handled this training which owner had complained to them earlier. He personally took the statement step by step with questions asked in details and looked at all the relevant proof and evidences (whatsapp, videos and photos) that I had. With my statements and evidences given, the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) that has it’s group of experienced specialists, after investigating and reviewing the whole incident, they had already dismissed this case!

No action was taken against me or the company!

Owner "making use of the public help" and "gang up with her group of cyber bullies" to create a fake news, by accusing me the trainer that "allegedly injured her puppy after pinning it to the ground" during training WITHOUT ANY ACTUAL proof and evidences!
In fact , she is one that was abusive and ill-treating "her little puppy" when it was about two months plus, with proof of videos and photos of "what kind of training tool" she used on her puppy and what she did to her puppy,  if the puppy Snowy doesn't listen! What she personally said in the video “But 我照样的跟它打!” in English translation could it be : “But I still beat him” or “But no matter how I still beat him”!

With proof and evidences as follows, owner try hide (cheat) with her dishonesty:
1.       During her enquires on our training when asked, she didn't review that her puppy was aggressive!
2.       During her enquires on our training and on first day training, she didn't review that her puppy can't be touch, pat and groom as he will bites!
3.       She didn't tell us her dog bites her, her husband, groomer and friend before, till the training started on 1st and 2nd day then she disclosed bit by bit of Snowy's problems when she saw results in her training!
4.       During her enquires on our training,  in the application form and on the first day training, she didn't review that her dogs was trained before by 3 ex-trainers since 2 months plus!
5.       Cheated about her puppy age, Snowy was actually around 4 months plus and in the whatsapp reply shows 3 months old!
6.       This incident was specially planned to defame and cause damage to our reputation and business, she post in the social media first then on the next day proceed to small claim and complained to AVS - Animal & Veterinary Service!
7.       In her Facebook WITHOUT any proof and evidences, she lied and cheated to the public that I had injured her puppy after pinned down and within 30 minutes the symptom happened to her puppy but WITH our proof and evidences (videos and photos) its shows clearly more than about 90 mins till lesson end "nothing happened to her puppy", owner was happy with good comments and dog was wagging it's tail during recall!
8.       The symptom only happened 20 mins after we left the owner's house (lesson completed)!

To further add on, to what I had found out WITH proof and evidences (videos and photos) about the owner, Ms Jess Neo Pei Ying as follows:
1.       She had an abusive habits of beating her little puppy as mention above with video shown!
2.       One of her watsapp message, she mentioned: “I just came home. He went crazy so I grabbed him by his back, and pinned him down but apparently he is still not submissive”! Is her dog really attacking her or play bites or want attention? If her dog really attack her, what did she do to him before he attack her and for what reason the puppy attack her?  
3.       She was using a harmful training tool like slip leash (choke collar) for her little puppy for months till the last lesson started then she bought a “normal collar” from us this was what she mentioned to the Small Claim Tribunals!

In the medical report it shows the possibilities "Strangulation",  may I ask if owner has been using a "choke collar" on her puppy around 2 months plus till my last day training 4 months plus, is this referring that she has been "choking and strangling her puppy and caused harm to Snowy for months till this incident happened"?

Unfortunately in all the Singapore Media or Social Media, they will only report what had happened in the beginning to attract more viewers and later let the report stay in their site to speculate the matter without showing the actual true about the incident! With the Netizens attack, this may cause a company as a victim to close down or a victim to commit suicide, if he/she can't produce any proof /evidences!

Such a cunning person, we consider that we are very unlucky to have after all these years of training that had already damage of reputation and business. Ask yourself if you encountered the same problems, what will you do?  I hope those who shared her post initially without knowing the truth will also share mine, in order to let everyone know the true about this incident, so that anyone dealing with this kind person or her group of cyber bullies will have to be extremely careful!


For Mothership this social media will only publish what happened initially to gain more viewers but the true of what happened was not make know. For those whom don't read clear and followup the actual happening will be mislead by them! 

Dog trainer in S'pore allegedly injured puppy after pinning it to the ground during training


In certain case this is what happened and this is the most horrible person that I had come across in my life. 
Beware of the owner, NOT the dog!
Blame the owner, BUT NOT the dog!

Case has been closed and she still try to find fault! Complaint to PDPA without a valid reason!
We are open to see her in High Court, if she dare!

What she complaint:

What my reply:

In her facebook she wanted more proof and she wanted me to show to the public on what I said was true, so for her application form which I cover all the necessary data will be posted in my Facebook and Blog to proof what I said was true, there is nothing wrong!

As for her she can just write anything in her Facebook without any relevant proof and people started to  believes and petty her to cause harm to our company! So who should we blame?

Please Note in our training if owner(s) had inform us in advance/ during the training not to post their training...etc in the social media, we are sure we won't put it in.