Saturday 24 August 2013

Dog training in Singapore - DR-DOGS.COM

Dogs training school in Singapore!

Establish Since 1999

DOGS Training in Singapore came in various methods and ways. It depends on the individual. What kind of achievement and environment they want to train their dogs.

In DR~DOGS.COM, we conduct our dog training classes in a Relax and Fun manner to suit our daily life (City Lifestyle). Beside that our training fees are very reasonable and all dogs are well taken care of during the training.

Our principal is to commit in what we can deliver but not over commit to lure you in and disappoint you later!
We understand dogs are living things, regardless of whether they belong to the same or different breeds. Each and every of them have their individual characters and unique personality. At time they also behave differently on a certain day(s), depending on their mood. In order to achieve the best result in “Obedience Training”, we will help to advise and teach the individual handler how to UNDERSTAND and apply CORRECT METHOD(s) to train their dog.

Our Research and Integrated dog training programs teaches you how to UNDERSTAND your puppy/ dog’s behavior, so that you would be able to control or modify their bad habit and also help your dog fit into the environment you are in.

Some puppy from the age of 2-3 months can already shows their character, it is best to train earlier rather then correction later!

UNDERSTANDING, COMMUNICATION, THOUGHTFULNESS & PATIENCE plays a very important part, because you are the one that handle your dog and he/she is going to be your life time companion. First of all ask yourself the following questions, before you send your dog for training:- 1)   Are you a real  “ DOG LOVER ” ?
2)   What type of training you intend to give to your dog?
3)   What do you expect from your dog ?
4)   Does your dog understand what you want and is it a high trainability dog?
5)   Are you using the correct method to train your dog?
6)   Are you pushing your dog too hard during your training?
7)   What do your prefer Obedience or Behavioral training?  
8)  What is more important is to you  Price, Training Syllabus, Follow up or Convenience?
9)  What type of trainer are you looking for? Trainer with:-
     Experiences knowledge in handling all kinds of behaviors problems Or
      instructor just talking Or trainer immediately using forceful training tools on your pup/dog!

In March 2002, we have started a club which is now run by our  ex-students strictly for recreation and fun. Another advantage, students  that join our class will not come to a STOP after completed their course  but they will be given 1 year free unlimited recap class and 2 months  once dog swim lesson and gathering, so that any problems will follow-up  after that. *AKCC

If you are a first time dog’s owner and is confused about where to send your Pup/ Dog for training  read “About Training”  , Dogs Training...& Media Interview” about Dogs training in the market. 

 Refer to our latest updated photos and videos with “Results Proven” on our training: or