Thursday 5 December 2013

Zac Court rules in favour of SPCA in husky case

Michelle &  Zac join the Class Training

Dog training Singapore, On 6th Oct 2013 the class finally start. As for comprehensive obedience it need 6pax to start, Michelle came to see us earlier due to Zac's problems like jumping, stubborn,  socializing with human and dogs and he like to grab at other dog with socializing or grab at owners.
She was very patients to wait for the new class to start as she understand to have a quality syllabus and training she need to wait, unlike most (99%) of the dog basic obedience training in Singapore are basically teaching the basic commands and competition footwork exercise.

Most dog trainer Singapore, will will promise and commit whatever you want to win a customer but whether, what you want is being taught or cover in a proper manner or exercises that will be another story!

In DR-DOGS.COM we don't commit thing that you are not paid for or give empty promise. Next we don't work with pet shops or vet to gives commission for your training fee, so that your fee that you paid is value for money.

Like I told my customer if we work with pet shop we won't be teaching Basic grooming in the comprehensive obedience and if we work with vet we won't teach you Medical and Health. All dogs that attend this course has benefit the most but is sad to said during these few years many and many of dog trainers just give empty promise and spoil the market! Worst is these people are "not medical people or professional" that give advice on medication unlike our training school our qualify and certify staff nurse will help, monitor and advise in these problem!

 News on Zac adoption court case refer: