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Dog training in Singapore - Toilet (potty) training on Puppy/ Dog

Dog training in Singapore

Puppy/ Dog Toilet Training 

 Hotline: 9842 9109 (10am to 10pm), No SMS or whatsapp enquires text please!
Dog potty training or Puppy toilet training was not taught when we started dogs training in Singapore. As all dogs training in Singapore is emphasis more on "Basic Obedience" mainly all trainers will only concentrate Obedience like dog heel(walk) beside without pulling, Stay according to the required timing for competition!

In the early years 2000 behaviors training and toilet training are not in the syllabus.Trainers are more focus on Obedience competition and are mainly using choker for training. When it comes to behavior(s) problem, dog owner are always brush off with a quick answer which is not relevant to the problem face. No surprise till today many of the trainers are still doing that as well, these people will copy whatever is in demand but end up  with excuses or mess up the dog training market. The person that loose up this the dog's owner that engage them for training!

** Sorry the word should not be "Copy", is "Stealing" ideal without the knowledge or experience in teaching the kind of syllabus!

In today market, these trainers will cut price(fee) and commit where ever they could in order to secure a deal! Those who are specialise in competition will said they are do behavior training! Some trainer(s) will get their trainee to train you and when thing goes wrong they can have an excuses to push the fault. That makes most dog's owner feels very skeptical on sending their dogs for training in Singapore!

Below Mr Aaron has engaged 2 trainers to train his POM! 
This owner are willing to give a third try on us although he had encounter such a bad experiences with these 2 trainers. Because of the cheap fee, he engage the first trainer  and the second trainer because of the popularity of the trainer and in the web it looks convicting!

 He comment most of the web he visited stated very briefly about their training but only emphasis more on what the achieved like competition, who they volunteer and the are member of certain society or how good they are!

These people spend 45 minutes talking about Cesar Millan training and for the last 15 minutes he was told to follow their setup for toilet training and "observe". Any problem call them or pay for another visit! How they teach the toilet training for outdoor is to plug a small leaves to ticker the dog's anal to stimulate it to poo!

** "Observe" is what we taught for our students for years when we first start toilet training, where others do not cover this syllabus. How to define "Observe", only our customers knew how and why! 
 What he wrote to us :

The above owner is happy with us, after the training :

Damien this owner had try the toilet training by themselves as the partner had kept dogs before and they have a few tips from friends that kept dogs, dog has form bad habit for months. Need to break it habit!
What our customer achieved, after the training:

Dog training Singapore
Frankco rehome a 1.5 years old border collie and wish to train his dog for outdoor Pee and Poo!
What our customer achieved, after the training:

Eve has 3 dogs, both are outdoor, she want this Pom to be train indoor toilet training. Was recommend by ex-student of DR-DOGS.COM
What our customer achieved, after the training:
Dog training Singapore
Winly has 2 dogs, both are not tray trained. Finally goes to the tray, again some are natural habits it needs time and advise to be improved!
What our customer achieved, after the training:

Jason and Zann had kept dog before, try to toilet train her 6month old Shihtze.This dog had inherit some separation anxiety problem and dirty habit. Was recommend by ex-student of DR-DOGS.COM

What our customer achieved, after the training:

Gabriel, his dad Raymond engage us for the indoor toilet training for their new 2 months old puppy. He had another Shelti which was trained but not on toilet trained before.

At first they are very apprehensive on our training as our training goes on for half an hour, they realized our training is totally different from what they are taught by their ex-trainer!Instead of engage us for 1 day, Raymond needs me to come again once the puppy is stable down. Toilet training for them is very important as they don't want to end up like the Shelti, have to stay outdoor(garden).

** Before the puppy is back from pet shop, the owner had already book our service!

What our customer achieved, after the training:

Ms Lilian was recommend by Irene our ex-student to train her 2mth plus puppy. Result are shown with a day training for the toilet training. After a few days the dog was able to go back to the tray to pee and poo big area! Barking is lesser!

This owner kept 2 dogs before and she still take the full course with us and find it valuable for Money!

Joyce take up our puppy interactive training on 14/09/2014, at first she is very skeptical about whether is it true there is result on the first day as there is too.... many trainers out there to be trust!
She had the courage to take the challenge, on the day she was so surprised that her hyperactive pug tone down immediately after the practical training!
Next her 2 months + pug toilet training was able to be toilet train within a day!  

*** This owner has a Shihtze in her mother house never been train and she still take the full course with us and find it valuable for Money!
Now her brother plan to buy 2 Shihtze to be train!

Joyce brother has bought a new pug with problem!
Good news is her Pug(pudding is doing V well!

~ We don't waste your time by providing too... many days for toilet training ~

Puppy Interactive  & Handling  Course
has Proven to be value for money
by our customer!

Yesterday after our training, we were talking about another case (Joshua- staying behind her block) who engage a trainer before and comment that "his ex trainer did not know how to train at all"!

Joyce daughter Ellery a primary 6 student was asking, if the trainer don't know how to train what did he/she do in the training?

My comment to her is, look at your present school for example:

1) Some teachers knows but can't teach!

2) Some knows but don't teach or teach according to what is paid(salary)!                    (Due to under paid!) 

3) some just follow by the book to teach!  

4) Some just passing their time everyday to earn salary!                                             (whether they understand or knows is not important) 

5) Some are very responsible!    

** I remember Mr Aaron dog name Peanut in 2012! Before he engage us for training, he was confused by the web with full of trainers and all the dog trainers stated they are the best and good in providing all kinds of service (very convicting)! Again he had engaged two trainers before that mass up the training. 



17 /9/2014
Just finish a toilet training today at Teck Whye, which is behind Joyce dog Pudding home where we train the family on Sunday.

After half an hour of training owner started to disclose that they did engage a trainer to train them before, he claim "the trainer did not know how to train at all"! they have paid a lot and the trainer comes a number of days and he can't even explains and be able to rectify the problems and teach the wrong thing!

This owner (Joshua) has try the different and he know the differences!

Well, in dog training market now is like bubble tea, papa bread.. many people think it is easy money or market in demand without know anything just comes in and spoil the market!

These kind trainers know how to lure the dogs' owner and they know what you want by:
-:  cheaper price
-:  a package fee with commitment of many days of training
-:  empty promises

** Look if the trainer can't or don't know how to teach, are you wasting all your time and $$$

Good luck to you guys!

Although Joshua is willing to pay for the training But he has paid for the wrong dogs trainer, that doesn't know how to teach! Worst is the puppy had form a bad habit!

He only engage us to teach the toilet training for his dog with a cheaper fee, for this fee we don't cover behavior problem unlike the Puppy interactive Course or behaviour consultation training which Lilian & Joyce has gone thru.

** This is what most dog owners always ask for Cheaper Price with longer Service! Or they may think the longer the service the dog will be able to learn ( value their money)!

We don't quote our customer blindly what they pay is what they get to solve their problem!


PUPPY INTERACTIVE HOME TRAINING: Our customer has found it 
beneficial and value for money!

Toilet training result proven within a day!

Another dogs owner that engage a dog trainer to train he puppy before engaging us to train his 8-9 months old Moca again!

This time was the owner's girl friend that call us to go down for the training. At first the owner Mr Lawrence was quite skeptical with the toilet training for his dog, after I had pointed out the mistake and giving the reasons why? He started to realized what was taught by his ex- dog trainer and what he do was wrong!

Again bad habits was inherited for months for what he was taught and done, these need time to solve!

**What he paid for his ex trainer was much more then what he pay now!

Thanks to Hazel for her yummy cookie, which we ate today!


PUPPY INTERACTIVE HOME TRAINING: Our customer has found it 
beneficial and value for money!
(Owner"s Name confidential)
Toilet training result proven within a day!

Home consultation training: Lynn is being skeptical about engaging us to train her and her dog again. She has the courage to give a try to know the difference between us(DR-DOGS.COM) and her ex-trainer!
She is planning to join a class training when her hubby is back.

Problem solved within 12 hours! 


Wow some owner may think the more days the trainer comes for training the dog will benefits alot ! End up owner mum told me there is no training at all just bring her daughter downstairs for 7 lessons to walk and play with her dogs!

We don't make up story. Just to show owner, fill up the form and told us their dog was trained by other trainer before. Unfortunately most of the trainers has spoil the market and owners are worry whether they are engaging the right person now a days:(


Our student can't meet our time for class training, so she join another trainer but during the lessons was being told to get out of the class (isolate her and her dog) when her dog bark and mark in the class!
These are people that spoil the market. Normally for a proper class training it need 6pax to start but these people can start with 2 pax or 4pax and they can do it weekly.
Good luck to owner that send their dog for training!

Ask yourself you are paying these people for their Popularity, Facility (air con) & Trainer's Certificates or their Service and Skill?


Lucky the owner had decide to take up the problem solving training earlier, if not 3month + Fluffy will be inherit dirty habit by sleeping in the pee tray and pee/poo everywhere!

Within 1 day she learn to recognize pee tray and never sleep at the tray!

There is dog owners always call and ask these questions:
1) Any Result Guarantee?
( When you are sick b4 you consult a doctor do you ask the doctor this question?)
(Without look at the dog how can I tell how serious the problem is?)
(If the problem is serious if may take time to solve!) Recently there is one owner told me, she got to go back home and ask her dogs how serious is it before she decide to train!
(If the trainer has taught the owner how to solve the problem(s) and if the owner do not do their homework or owner is very negative! So how to guarantee?) 

2) What method do you use?
(Those who told you what method they use, owner better be careful. That means these people only have one method to train your dog. If you dog don't listen, how?)
** All dogs are individual and different,  we are dealing with living thing that has character, behavior and temperament! We dun have fix method to train a dog. Owners will be taught in various methods to train their dog in a positive way! 

When it comes to toilet training for dog or puppy owner must be very patience! Some owners will wait till problems inherited very badly then they want to train their dog but they expect fast result! (look we are not fixing a television or air con, we are trainer on god)
This puppy was left alone to pee and poo every where in the house for a months! So to break it habits it depend how serious the puppy had and how patience is the owner!
Owner think of give up and sell it away but now intend to keep it!

Training details:


This owner has 2 dogs and he try to do the toilet training himself by getting information from the pet forum, just to save cost.

The problem has been continue for weeks (1 month plus) his corgi still poo everywhere except the tray! Because he engage us for only problem(s) solving (1 problem just to train his dog to recognise the tray) so other then that like behavior(s) we will not teach!

It takes the dog 3 days to learn to pee and poo on the tray, again this dog has some behaviors problem which owner are not willing to pay so once the dog pee and poo on the tray my job is done!

Usually if there is more then 2 dogs there will be some behaviors problem!

Training details:



Presently this Spitz have already attend several puppy class lessons from other trainer but nothing and no improvement! Toilet training, hyperactive, barking at television(sound and the image), can't respond to her name..... was not taught (I should said she don't know how to teach ;))

They choose the dog trainer because she appear in Channel Newsasia,Singapore wow the dog is very well behave ....and in the web very impressive behavior solving.

Owners told me they were taught to give treat to their dog and keep giving, last Saturday their  puppy vomited out all the treat. For barking told to on the television with zero volume still don't work!

Although the owner had spend for the first training and they have the courage to engage us to their home to train for HOME PUPPY INTERACTIVE course!

Their Spitz tone down and respond to her new name Po within half an hour after the exercise given, barking the television solved in front of the owner, toilet training progressing within a day. The male owner said, I have never see her so calm before!

Training details:

Ask yourself you are paying these people for their Popularity, Facility (air con) & trainer's Certificates or their Service and Skill?

Sad to said there is lots of hocus-pocus dog trainers in our Singapore market now!

3.5 months Gem silky terrier learn her toilet training and achieved the result on the same day!
She is taking the home puppy interactive course!

Training Appointment on 27th June Sat:
  Followup in the evening:
 Followup on Sun:
Sad to hear the problem!

 Dog training Singapore - 29/06/2015
What a coincident almost 8 years ago we trained Rachel and Sara both are daughters of Mr Ng, the dog is Alpha!

Alpha took the home puppy interactive course in 2007!

Now we training Mr Ng to handle Alpha his daughters Minnie & BB!

Mr Ng always praise Alpha is the best and obedience dog among the 5 dogs!

Minnie is taking a test before we could issue the owner (Mr Ng) our obedience certificate for him to apply the license from AVA for their 4th and 5th dogs in the family!

Tomorrow will be their last test to walk among the crowds in the public and behave themselves!

BB is taking a test before we could issue the owner (Mr Ng) our obedience certificate for him to apply the license from AVA for their 4th and 5th dogs in the family!

Tomorrow will be their last test to walk among the crowds in the public and behave themselves!

Dog training Singapore
Sheela and Karthi has engage us for the home puppy interactive course for Ruby their dog on March 2015!

Within a day their dog learn to recognized the pee tray, after the next day followup again dog are doing well! They have a fast leaner dog and patience owners!

Just a small tips, Ruby learn her hand shake within a day! It is the owner's effort and their dog are fast learner! Credit goes to them cheers!

Till today still contact us for any new problem(s) their face.

Training details:

Video above

 Dog training in Singapore
Mrs Chan & her 5 kids take up Home Puppy Interactive training! Is value for money and beneficial to the family as she get 2 professional service to train the whole family of 8 person include her helper + her little 3 month old Poodle.

After their training, they still get the after training support from us when their dog has encounter any problem.

Training details:

*** Some dog's owner ask why other is giving so many day and your training need only a day or two?

My answer to them:
- If a trainer know how to teach you need not to waste the owner time by giving 5 or 7 or 10 days training!

- Look further in our facebook, owners and many more had paid a lot and trainer had wast their time without any solution!

- In our website and facebook, we "DON'T TYPE OUT" testimonies as we do believe that by typing out testimonies it can plus or minus the text that benefit the trainer themselves! ( so whether is it  real no one knows????) In our correspondence owners reply by sms and text thru their phone!

No lip Service we still followup after the owner had completed their training!
Dog training Singapore - 7/10/2015
Butter show off his tricks!  (video by Hazel)
Yesterday just received 2 videos from Hazel about her dog Butter(goldenpoodle). They had attend the Home Puppy Interactive training and our Comprehensive Obedience Class.
Till today butter has settle down but he need lots of exercise!

Ms Teo took the 1 day home consultation training for her dog, her biggest problem is walking and discipline her dog in the public.
The dog will never sit still, bark at passer by, kids and other dogs, for toilet is not so serious.
She manage to control her dog on the first day and getting better for the following day!
Her effort and commitment and understanding the point of our training has improve in her training, credit goes to her smile emoticon !
Training details:

 Dog training in Singapore

This is owner's second dog (JRT) she adopted for free! Her first dog also JRT was not train at all. Normally those who did not train their dog before, they are afraid that they get the wrong trainer or what is training about??? That makes them skeptical about it!
She took up a 2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training on the 13 July 2015, first when taught on obedience owner prefer using harness but end up using a normal collar where I recommend and prove the effectiveness!
Next her dog's toilet training, she want her way instead of mine, Ok let her try for a week! The dog started the same old habits poo all over the house, don't recognise to pee and poo in the newspaper!
End up now she is happy!
In dog toilet training, result is base on owner's commitment, patience, structure of the house, owner's lifestyle....
Training details:


Dog training Singapore
Just finish a 2 days Puppy Interactive Training on last Sunday. Owner called me before but decided to take up a 10 days money guarantee class training by another trainer with obedience and behaviors! The trainer was popular and always giving demo and workshop! She paid the training fee for $500+ for 10 lessons!
I was so surprised what she was taught is always doing march and march exercise (Basic Commands) for the pass 6 lessons with the other dog trainer training, anything on dogs' behaviors problem was not taught! They are not suppose to ask questions during the lesson (on the spot) except after lesson by then everyone are tired and rushing home!
Last Sunday 2nd lesson during the outdoor obedience, I told her to drop her leash and walk 10 to 20 steps away with dog on stay command, she was so afraid ! She told me in the class that she attend with the other trainer had never do that owner is always holding on with the leash! Omygod!
Ask yourself you are paying these people for their Popularity, Facility (air con) & trainer's Certificates or their Service and Skill?
Training details:

 Dog training Singapore - 13th August 2015
 Owner still contact me on obedience training matter after she had completed her home training! As she is still joining the class in order not to waste her money. By right this is not my problem as I don't promise her Result Guarantee.... in the class lesson but due to owner has the courage to engage me to train and she don't mind paying for the Puppy Interactive training with unlimited followup will try to help her! Till last 2 days then she is allow to do off leash stay. omygod!

 Owner has been promise Off leash, result guarantee.... but they are only suppose to off leash only during the last 2 days and the last day is test!

 So surprise owner thanks me for her achievement for stay exercise instead of the other trainer! I think she should pay me for what she paid to the other trainer. Joking! ;)

Dog training Singapore
Lamo the poodle was name under the owner's 2 Lamborghini cars!

Owner has engage us for the 2 days Home Puppy Interactive for Toilet training....
Because the poodle is a fast learner in his toilet training and the owner has experience in keeping dog before so with ample time, I've taught Hanna his daughter some tricks training!

Training details:

Although they can afford to send their dog for grooming, both the father and daughter is learning how to handle their dog for closer bond with their dog!

When I took more then 10 cotton wool butt to clean Lamo ear, Hanna's facial expression looks like this "Smelly"! :)

Don't be cheated by this smiling, cute face (Jack- French Bulldog) he is dominate, jealousy, stubborn and naughty, smart boy!

Whenever Michelle carry Tilly the female pug or Tilly goes near Michelle, jack will turn aggressive and bite her!

Michelle has engage us for 1 day Consultation Training on their dogs' behaviors, obedience and toilet training!

Training details:

 Hotline: 9842 9109 (10am to 10pm), No SMS or whatsapp enquires text please!

Dog training Singapore
Bell is a hyperactive poodle, playful and never sit still!

Sad to know the true!


Michelle and her hubby take up the 2 days Home Puppy interactive Training for 
her 10 month old husky!


Cute Smart and stubborn take up the 2 days puppy interactive training.

Last evening just finish the 1st day training for this 3 months old Chow Chow name Boss! Is cute right? Like a bear!
This cute little thing, thinks he is the boss of the family bite the owners' ankle and nip their hand, with some toilet training problems and stubborn without listening !
Today onward he is No More the boss of the family! Haha

Just finish my 2nd and last day training with Boss(chow chow) on last Saturday. That's not all, owners that take up this course(home puppy interactive) they can contact anytime with unlimited support and help if their dog encounter any problem(s) in future!

Teaching Mr Yeek's sis and family how to prevent their dog from jump over the high gate!

 JRT by nature is very highly intelligent, hyperactive, jealous, stubborn and one man dog! 
They're hunting breed and fast inaction. For owner to deal with this kind of breed they must be
patience, active and firm as it is not an easy dog to handle but overall if you can handle them it will be a wonderful dog compared to others !
Best time to train this kind of breed is to start as early as possible like below 4 months with
the right training!

 JRT by nature is very highly intelligent, hyperactive, jealous, stubborn and one man dog! 
They're hunting breed and fast inaction. For owner to deal with this kind of breed they must be patience, active and firm as it is not an easy dog to handle but overall if you can handle them it will be a
wonderful dog compared to others !
Best time to train this kind of breed is to start as early as possible like below 4 months with the right training!


Training details:

Client’s Satisfaction, why our customer keep coming back to train her 2nd and 3rd dog: http://www.dr-dogs.com/sat/


Just finish a toilet toilet training with Ginger the mini pom, owner ask you mean 1 day training is enough? Today his dog already pee and poo on the tray! During enquiry owner ask for discount, my answer to him is other trainers only teach basic obedience without knowing how to teach behavior and toilet training already charge $150/hr. Mine is already very reasonable!
We don't drag the training and waste the owner time! If owner wish to pay extra service for further visit, yes they can accept just pay extra :)
Since owner is paying for Consultation training, they were taught on their dog behaviors, tricks and some other advise!

 Dog training in Singapore
Happy the mix "Dachshund + Shih Tzu", she was adopted by MJ and is going back to South Korea soon. She is very timid and this is the first time meeting us as a stranger and also expose to the central to meet people.....!
She always hide at one cornner :(
Owner has engage us on some tips on her dog behaviors training!

 Dog training in Singapore
Tomorrow will be 2nd day of the home puppy interactive training. Owen the 'Soba Inu' is timid and has toilet training problems! He will usually stay away from strangers but surprisingly he sit below my chair during the training and looking for me to massage him!
As usual the owner has gone through training by another trainer before but she has the courage to try the differences! She had attend classes but are not suppose to ask question during lessons, always doing basic commands for 10 days NOT behaviors solving and toilet training frown emoticon
Her toilet training was wrong! Again after training the owner, sometime they will try their own ways or they might have forgotten what was taught after the long holidays trip!
All toilet training are taught differently base on the owner's life style, structure of the house and the dog's behavior and habits!
Visit: https://www.facebook.com/Dogs-Puppies-Potty-Training-659813307422790/timeline/?ref=hl
Training details:
Client’s Satisfaction, why our customer keep coming back to train her 2nd and 3rd dog: http://www.dr-dogs.com/sat/
Hot line enquires: 9842 9109 (10am to 10pm), no sms or text enquiry please

Finish Owen training training yesterday! Still remember owner 1st day use choke chain to train Owen, she told me her ex-trainer said it is not painful but when I try on her hubby hand they know how it is!
Anyway i always tell the owners and those who inquiry for training if other trainers said their method is good and humane. Please check with them is the training equipment(tool) they use to train the dog or their skill and knowledge? Don't be confused by these people! Refer: http://www.dr-dogs.com/businesstime/bt.htm
For all these years almost 17 years of training, We have no fix method in our training as all dogs are different! Owner must understand their dog problems, behavior(s) and temperament before they know which method is good for their dog! 

 Dog training in Singapore
Training Yoda yesterday, owner had heard a lot of things and information from web and friends! They have in doubt till i explain and give her the reasons of what they are puzzle of what they heard and saw in the forum! Now any problems they can come to me as they have sign up the unlimited followup for the puppy interactive training.

They are confuse with too many trainers available in the market! Again I always tell the owners and those who inquiry for training if other trainers said their method is good and humane. Please check with them is the training equipment(tool) they use to train the dog or their skill and knowledge? Are they providing lip service or training & whether the trainer will hands on handling your dog to show you at your present or just a instructor or show you on his/her demo dog????

Finish Yoda training, owners has put in effort to mold a good dog as they expect in future when they have a baby, this dog can get along with the new member in the family!
As explained to the owners behavior training is not only getting a group of dogs and train in an enclose place with the same training exercise on every lesson! Earlier owner told me that they have enquire a number of training from others that mention, to keep a mix breed in HDB, they must go thru their so call "Axxxx" training!
As usual those who come out with these terms, are they really giving the right training or for the seek of monopolize it! Refer: http://www.dr-dogs.com/businesstime/bt.htm
My philosophy of dog training is very simple, As long as your dog don't bark unnecessary and don't course a nonsense in the public is important, it must behave friendly and be discipline in the public and at home at all time!
Yoda is a timid dog and timid dog has to be expose to the public all the time to avoid fear aggression and it has to be control in order not to cause nonsense to others!
2nd day instead of hiding at one corner of the house all the time, he is join us!

 Dog training in Singapore
Vincent had taken up the puppy interactive training for Bono his 6 months poodle!
Recommended By Jaslyin, thanks.

  Dog training in Singapore
 Berry 3 years old and Memo 5 years old take up the consultation trg for toilet training and barking problems!

 Dog training in Singapore
 Cobi 1.5 years old take up the consultation trg for toilet training and behaviors problems!

  Dog training in Singapore
 Bella 5 years old take up the consultation training for toilet training, obedience and housebreaking problems!

  Dog training in Singapore
Owner has been keeping dog before but never train them!
They had decided to take up the home puppy interactive training to learn more about dogs!
Midnight the 3 months old Poodle is their second dog!

Teaching Mr Tang, how to toilet train his 2 months old
Miniature Schnauzer and how the handling of puppy!
He is an animal lover that also keep parrot, fishes... at home!

 Dog training in Singapore
Maltese x poodle 2 months old, as usual owner had try the toilet training herself and also heard a lot of thing from web and friends and got confused!
She take up the home consultation training for dog/puppy. She was told to to list down, what is her doubt and problem(s)she have and her dog has! On the day of training will answer and clear her doubt!
She is an animal lover that also keep guinea pig at home!
  Dog training in Singapore
Owner engage us for Home consultation training for her 3 dogs. She has been keeping dogs for years but never train any till now!
Her major problem for her dogs are:
- Eating their own shit and bringing the shit to a place to eat
- Not peeing and shitting on the pee tray
- Peeing on their bed and cushions
- Eating my shoes from shoe rack
- Taking my socks and other things, tissue etc and chewing
- Chewing all the wires and furniture
- Jumping all over me on my bed
- Eating my slippers
- Trying to eat my food when I eat

------------------------------------------------------------- Dog training in Singapore------------------------ 

Both Alvin and Richard took up the 1 day Home consultation training to Obedience training their Shiba Inu on the following:
Not to Jump, Bark and fully control their dog!
Within a day they have master the skill but still need more time to reinforce the training by their own!
Some people just do not understand what is dog training about but only go for price and more lesson!
Is not the number of days we need to attend to you, is whether the right training methods being taught, we don't waste owner's time as "we provide value training syllabus that dogs' owner supposed to know" about dog training!

 Dog training in Singapore
Emily engage us for home consultation training for his Maltese on July, she was recommended by her brother that engage us two week ago for toilet training.

She had keep dogs before and this is her first time to get her dog toilet train! At first she only opt for Problem Solving to save money but after much consideration that her dog might have other behaviors problems that need to solve she decided to take the home consultation training!

The picture shown is WRONG for toilet training!

The owner is very determine to toilet train her two dogs that pee and poo everywhere in the house and stop her dogs for certain problems!
Result are credited to the owner on their effort and determination put in! We we do, is to provide the right training and value training for the owner.
Some people may go for price but what they get???? So is not the price, is the "VALUE" of training & syllabus that a owner have to know!
Feedback results is directly 100% genuine from owner's text!

Some dogs' owner comment our training fee is high or pricey but do they know what is dog training about?

How about this owner she was trained before, why she need to get us to train again! If her ex trainer has do a good job or followup properly she won't have to pay extra!

Find out further from here, there is many others who has the same problems as this owner!

Recently I came across 3 owners enquires:
1. Check with us before Bull Mastiff mix with Boxer during puppy already has "aggression problem" but don't train, wait till now 4 year old wanted to train. No insurance, guarantor and never follow the AVA rules but he was expecting the training to be cheaper! Trainer train at his/her own risk!

2. Also check before earlier 3 month ago but don't train, just text on Friday asking for whether I'm available on this Sunday to toilet train his Japanese Spitz. Wanted a cheapest training with 8 members in the house + their dog to train together! As usual, owner need urgent will text u in the mid of the night or very early in the morning, after quoting check with him, no reply! He expected to buy only ONE cheapest concession ticket and get the whole family to enjoy the cinema show!

3. Stay near Orchard area she was quoted for a standard 2 days course and she requested the course to be 5 days instead but are not willing to pay for the additional 3 days transport and service charges!

* Please note if you're one of the above don't waste our precious time, as we are professionals not in the street sell kacang puteh!

Our fee is standard for all these 4 years without increasing and is base on the age, breed, problem(s) of the dog/ puppy has and the courses they need.. etc. In fact some course already drop price and our fee is much cheaper then those (new) trainers that doesn't do a good job who charge $150/hr or so! Some trainer will not touch your aggressive dog or brush you off with problem they do know how to solve. We knows who and whom they are, owner who wants cheap or many lessons. Good Luck to you!
Refer: http://dr-dogs.blogspot.sg/


Rebecca and her two sisters, they are still half working and schooling! As the have budget in the training for their puppy Rossy but they still choose to go for the "Home Consultation Training" rather then "Problem Solving" or the full course " Home Puppy Interactive training".
They have show their sincerity to give their puppy a good training, as our training fee are standard and fix so I try to give them more tips during the training period beside their dog's problems like toilet training, obedience, like to pickup things on the floor.....

 Dog training in Singapore
 Etox found on the street owner just want a simple training and they go for "Home Problem(s) Solving" for 2 problems toilet training and solve puppy timid!
Just back for 2 days!

Romeo the Golden Retriever has gone thru the "Home Puppy Interactive Training" and later proceed to join the class training!
I like to mention again, some ppl said our fee is expensive or costly. If these ppl don't understand what is training about, we can forgive them but if they are not willing to pay for the training or waiting to have a "Free training" then I will advise them to go to the library or Utube for information!

Like the old chinese say: 吃米不知價!

Mike the 7 months Golden Retriever, has taken up the Home puppy interactive training on Mon.
The owner had heard too much on how to keep and training her dog from friends....etc and she too...confused! She and her husband had decide to have a proper training.
During the training they mention they should have engage us earlier so as they could save some money for the minor problem that they had brought their dog to the Vet.
Is not late now as for this special course, we will followup and help our customers in whatever problems they face in future( unlimited)!


Teaching Zach, Karrisa Hubby how to control his Golden Retriever Waffle during distraction for the 1 day Home consultation training!

Karrisa brother's dog Golden Retriever name Shadow was trained by us about 10 years ago! Her brother is Kenneth :)

Horlick taking up the 1 day home consultation training for toilet training..etc learn to overcome the fear to walk down staircase!

Bentley the 3 months old Shih Tzu in the Home Puppy Interactive Training!
Teaching owners how to observe and control their 3 months old puppy during socialisation with the old dog!

Cody the 3 month old Japanese Spitz is learning his outdoor obedience with their owners.
They have already learn how to do off leash stay on the 1st day training for Home Puppy Interactive Training, where else in others training the trainer will delay the off leash stay till 4th of 7th day!

Mini the puppy poodle learn to be bold and confident for puppy interactive training!
 Dog training in Singapore
Breeder told the owner must do daily bottle feeding :(
this puppy don't know how to drink and eat from the bowl! So owner on Jan 2016 don't have to go to school?
The final result puppy know how to pee and poo in the tray not all over the house. The barking has cut down, he know how to drink and eat from the bowl, and the owner has no problem handling him! Her father started to have some feel on her dog now!

Owner is still schooling her Boy friend said don't waste money to train dog and father don't like dog! She is always ask for any result! we don't like to give empty promise or lip service to win over a customer without looking at the dog condition and problems.

 Owner has decide to take up the Home puppy interactive training with her mum!
After we left for our 1st day training, the father comment!
  After the 1st day training, the father comment ! Barking has cut down!
 Toilet training was solved! She is lucky to get her dog train earlier if not more problems and longer time to solve it!

Cherry in Home puppy interactive training
3 month old Maltipoo Cherry, Owner was recommended by her 5th uncle which their Pomeranian was trained by us 5 years ago for class training!
Her father don't believes in training but after listening and looking at how we train their dog for the first half an hour, he started to offer us drinks and in their second day training he started to join in the training:)
Today my last customer of the year for 2015!
Kirra the 3 months old Siberian Husky go for Home puppy interactive training today (1st day). Owner first dog Skruppy Miniature Schnauzer also take up the same course 8 years ago!
Whole family of 5 ppl + Helper + Kirra taking the course:) Skruppy is doing his refresher course as well :)  ;)

First week of 2016 training!
Whiskey- 5 years old Labrador Retriever, he was trained by us 3 years ago for toilet training and some behaviors problems during that time he had gone through the trained by other trainer before.
The owner had engage us again just to teach the dog how to recognize newspaper for toilet training instead using the tray!

Owner engage us on my Birthday 3rd to train her dog Schhnapps - 6 months Miniature Schnauzer!
As usual owner like to use hand phone text for esquires for any result or when can I get the result. If you are sick and the doctor haven't diagnose what is going on, how can they commit to you!
Maybe if you go to a conman or a person that is desperate to get you deal, they will tell you everything is NO Problems 没问题!
To us is NO Empty Promises!

Some owner(s) have drag/ delay to train they dog, if bad habits or behaviors are form do you think is immediate result?
1st dog started to walk without any problem! 2nd to 3rd dog pee on the tray by poo on the floor! Told the owner to try what I advise but didn't do! Very negative:( by 4th day do what I told her all problem are solved. Dog can even go to the tray from the room.
My job is done!
If owner are negative and do like wise no one can help!

  Dog training in Singapore
As usual owner had sign up with a 10 days $500 class training with another trainer that conduct only basic obedience instead of conducting behaviors and toilet training! The ppl are not suppose to ask any questions about their dog except after the lesson, only on the second day then they started to teach "Stay" but must hold on to the leash till the 9th lesson then can drop the leash (Stay for only 1 min.)!
This owner are still willing to pay and engage us to their home to train their 6 months+ dog Balylese - Maltese X Poodle (maltipoo)!
They took the 1 day home consultation training.

On 2 Jan. 2016 during the visit, the owner told me they have only attend the class training on 2nd day, so I show them how to off leash immediately without holding on to the leash! Well we don't waste time in our training, I told the owner if you go for 10 lesson the trainer will drag your time and training exercise always doing the the same thing if they are only doing basic obedience! Look you are not go for LINE DANCE :)
If the dog has the potential why waste time!
Lucky the toilet training problem is not very serious as the dog already been in the house for more then 3 months. On 3th day he do the pee and poo on the tray. On the 5th day the dog manage to stay for 6 mins! In the class training with another trainer they are still learning 1 min stay!
As I alway mention to those who enquire is "NOT" the Quantity of days to train a dog, "IS" the Quality time to train a dog!
Result are base on owner effort pull in:)
More about training:https://www.facebook.com/puppyinteractive


  Dog training in Singapore
Owners take up the Home Puppy Interactive Training for their 3 months old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Poodle ( Cavoodle) , as their puppy are back for 3 days and he barks and whine in the middle of the night and afternoon!
( Seperation Anxiety problem)
Beside the above , other problems like toilet training, too hyper, not paying attention, pickup anything that he see on the floor and not eating as well!

Owners has taken our training on 2015. They're having a super hyper active and playful Siberian Husky!

As both owners are very busy working and have not much time to trained her. This husky is very playful and friendly. Whenever the owner bring her out for a walk she started to pull and jump at passer by and also sniff the floor like a vacuum cleaner for the whole walk!

Problem are solve using our Strollbuddy leash and collar!


Thanks to Michelle and Jackie for their CNY gifts and wishing them the best of health and wealth for the coming year. Especially Michelle mother to be in about few months time, have nice and cute baby girl and smooth delivery!

  Dog training in Singapore
2 years old Shih Tzu(whisky) & 3 years old Pembroke Welsh Corgi (alpha) will be train for types of bad habits they have at home!

3 years old Pembroke Welsh Corgi (alpha) had been trained before but owner was not given the important tips on how to train her Corgi but was advise to buy electric collar from the trainer!

Both Whisky and Alpha has a serious skin problems, instead of finding the real problem, the owner was told to buy prescription food and is on two types of steroid medicine :(

Owners had taken up the Home Puppy Interactive Training, due to toilet training problem, dog are very active, don't like to be handle for basic grooming.....


 Started to pee and poo on the tray!
 Dog training in Singapore
Family of 5 members + 2 dogs Mocha (7 months Pomeranian) & Sammi (8 years old GSD X Breed) attending the Home Puppy Interactive Training!
Sammi being rehome for twice and this is her 3rd family. She is a fearful & timid dog. This dog is tag along for the training for consultation and advise on the problems!
  Dog training in Singapore
Karen has engage us for the Home Puppy Interactive Training. When it comes to theory the rest are lazy to sit in except her youngest son Zheng Kang!
The family has adopt a local mixed breed and the family are involved in the training. Initially Karen find is costly to train a dog but she is will to give a try! At the end of the 2nd training she did mention there is a lot of thing to learn for this course!
Again I need to stress, some dogs' owner may have paid much higher fee then our or lower then us but mainly owners do not know what exactly what the other trainers teach! Many had end paying more but do not learn what they supposed to know! So good luck to you.

For dog training, if we have put in the effort to teach what the owners must know, result are base on the owner's effort as they do the daily practice and reinforce in the training!
  Dog training in Singapore
Bom Bom the 3 months Pomeranian.
Owners has quickly engage us for the Home Puppy Interactive training within 3 days of coming home! They were told to get a cage for toilet training WRONG X !

During the followup there is several bad habits form and the thing owner bought is wrong:) Luckily within 3 days all the bad habits has been solved if owner has drag on the training they will face more problems and longer time to get result! Pee and poo in the correct place!

  Dog training in Singapore
3 month old Maltipoo on day 1 learn the Stay command on the first day training!
Family are involved in the basic groom!


  Dog training in Singapore
Some owners love dogs but do not know or understand how to keep a dog!
If she had the time to spare to go thru a proper(right) course in the beginning, these problems will not happened!
1 year+ Chihuahua Chocolate, father of 3 month old Teddy taking up the Toilet training.
During the training, when testing on both dogs, 3 months old Teddy did show results twice by pee on the tray
BUT the owner need more time to solve the problem as Teddy will follow the mistake on what his father did!
Owner had call us much earlier but have not get a free time to train Chocolate. She has regret not to train him when he was few months old! So now after the training, she knows she need more time to solve the problems for both dogs!
Train earlier to prevent BAD habits being inherited!
Now both dog are trained not to be cage!
  Dog training in Singapore
Bong Bong, 4 months old maltipoo have not been carry before and he like to bite the owners leg and hands! Toilet training was ok but there is some important tips given during the training!

Please note:
1) For those who makes enquire, we don't quote our training fee from sms or from here the web. As we need to know more details of your dog age, breed, problems.....etc before we quote you the price. If your are really interested about our training, please call. (No obligation if you don't take our training after we quote you the price.)
2) Do not ask: whether can we train within a short period time or any guarantee result or stupid question like my Labrador & Schnauzer is friendly to people but I want him to be aggressive!
From our videos and photos RESULT ARE PROVEN here! The videos, photos and feedback is genuine taken directly from our customer hand phone reply and during training! It is "NOT SPECIALLY REQUEST" written testimonial or re written testimonial.
Can the school give you guarantee on your son studies, if he do not put in the effort to practice or do his homework?
If your dog is friendly, why you need them to be aggressive in the HDB, unless you want to be a security guard and want them to be a guard dog

  Dog training in Singapore
Thanks to Jonathon and hsi wife for their recommendation on our home training.
Owners had take up the Home Puppy Interactive Course on Last Saturday, to make sure the puppy learn earlier then to pickup bad habits! 2mth+ coming to 3 month!
What surprise me that Serene told me he has the same Birthday as me 3rd of January! Capricorn :) :)

 Owner are please with the training and show us the video of what their dog can achieved!

Toto Learn and pickup fast for paw(shake hand) after the 2nd day training. Video contribute by owner!

  Pee and poo is ok but there some key points that owner must remember!

  Dog training in Singapore
3 month + Japanese Spitz may look....
I still remember owner has ask for discount but I told her my fee is Standard base on age, type of course... and
I have not been rising the fee for a few years base on what we teach! where else others trainers are charging even higher then us like $150/hr but what or how they teach you must try by yourself?
Over here she only pay 1 price for two professional unlimited service for the HOME Puppy Interactive Training! Where else can she find?

 Dog training in Singapore
Both 3.5 months old Shetland sheepdog has gone thru a "11 days boarding training" for toilet and obedience training her dogs, BUT....!
Owner "had already paid alot" for the other trainer boarding training, now she can only afford to engage us for "1 day Home Consultation Training" specially for their dogs' toilet training. Luckily within 3 days of coming home, she quickly engage us or else it maybe harder and take longer time to solve the problems.
When we were there, her husband was very skeptical whether can I train or again will they get the same rubbish training? This big size man sit next and very close to me (body language, I know :)

. I smile and said you are welcome to sit near and ask any questions about my training, if not clear about what I teach, I will show you or tell you the reason why:)(Don't just follow blindly as what i said) On the very day both dogs have proven the results during my test on them and both owners was surprise with it!
From then he has lots of questions to asked, as he kept dogs before but never trained them, although they only want to potty train their dogs. I show them further on how to reinforce the obedience training to their dogs to stay, the houserules for their dogs and also give them some tips on how to socialise their cat and dogs ...!
We had a good discussion and he started to ask me one question. Is there any type of dog(s) that is difficult to train? My answer is NO, except owner! Why? Some owners may dream of what they want for their dog but they have forgotten every dog is different! Some when you advise them what to do they will do the other way or they may listen to their friends or in the forum, to do likewise which make thing worse and always asking for help! Some may treat their dog like a baby and forgotten they are dog(animal) end up pup/dog with separation anxiety problems! Some don't pay attention to what we taught during lessons but questions always repeat again and again, when we followup later! Some are very negative and no confidence in handling their dog.... making them mentally prepare is a big challenge for every individually owner!
We will do our best to help in our training with the "CORRECT Training" methods but every results are depending on the owner's effort and how fast they have equip to the key points that we had taught! Next is the dog's train ability and whether bad habit has been formed very badly before the training start!
Remember is NOT the price of the training or the number of days, is the "CORRECT Training"!

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dog training in Singapore-----------

Met Sparky on the first day, 2 hours after he reached the owner's home!
First day he was very shy and sit at one corner, after some encouragement and praise he started to explore more.Second day when we met him again he is really a different dog active, playful.... he is smart and playful learn and pickup within 2 -3 commands.
Young owner Jovis try training him off leash, as Sparky start responding!

 Dog training Singapore - 2.5 months Silky Terrier X Shih Tzu
Around 2.5 months Silky Terrier X Shih Tzu!
He don't like to be touch on the face!
Teddy hates the comb and to be comb!
Owners was advised by the groomer to train Teddy!

Visit: http://dr-dogs.blogspot.sg/ or https://www.facebook.com/puppyinteractive

Teddy- Silky Terrier X Shih Tzu, second day training.
"Puppy Interactive Training" is an unlimited followup course, whenever if there is any problem(s) on their dog, owner will seek a free advise from us first !
For our training, owner only pay for 1 price with 2 professional service!



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