Friday 25 April 2014

Stroll Buddy - Be a leader for your excited pulling dog! Dog training in Singapore

Head Halter for stubborn or excited pulling dogs
Is your dog pulling you when walking?
Is your dog too strong or big for you to handle ?
Have you been pull by your dog till you fall?
Did your dog keep sniff on the floor during your stroll?

Stroll Buddy, 2 in 1 collar and leash that fits for all sizes of dogs!
This special design and custom made head halter by DR-DOGS.COM helps you
to control your dog without pulling during your morning and evening walk.

Conversion leash an collar are made with single layer webbing material and
the side webbing that is “hard on the edge” that cut your hand when your dog pull
you on the leash!

Stroll Buddy has break through the webbing material for dog’s leash and collar
by using  high quality Smooth & Soft, double layer round edge webbing for you and
your dog’s comfort, that is 100% Made in ITALY / USA ! Not only the dogs’ owner have
save he money from this 2 in 1 collar and leash, owner are paying only 1 price for
the double layer of high quality webbing material!

For those who have not heard of “head halter”. This is commonly use for
controlling large and strong animals like horse, cow, goat, llama, camel.... Imagine
without the head halter, how are these people going to lead or train these animal?
Head halter is consider a very humane, effective way to restrain / train your dog by
The Humane Society of the United States.

Again a little advise for some dogs’ owner who wish to use this dog training aids,
you must be patient and not the quick temper type! A proper professional
training and guidance is needed before using it!

No More: Pulling for big or stubborn or excited dogs!

Details refer:

**This Labrador has been trained before when she is a puppy, owner was not taught how to stop the dog from barking and charging at other dogs! End up with unfriendly and pull handler to fight with dogs she don't like! (8 years old Labrador)

Tuesday 22 April 2014

CUSTOM Anti Bark Collar

 CUSTOM Anti Bark Collar

CUSTOM Anti Bark collar is pet safe with proper product training given upon purchased we teach you "step by step" on how to apply to your barking dog to change the BARKING BEHAVIOR!

Buying a product without a Brand or Product Training is like taking a risk of trying an error on your dog! Comes with * 3 days 1 to 1 exchange and free unlimited service and repair!

*** We don’t only sell product, we teach you how to use it!

Feedback by dog's owner using anti bark collar:

CUSTOM Anti Bark collar:
6 month old puppy had built up a separation anxiety problem from the day the puppy is at home. It bark in the middle of the night / when owner not around!

Get a proper training earlier, instead of trying and error with your dog and end up lots of bad habits (behaviors) !

It's toilet trying was solved!

CUSTOM Anti Bark collar :
Owner have to be patients when comes to correcting bad habits being form for a period of time! 

 CUSTOM Anti Bark collar:
Owner enjoy the peace from neighbor's complaint!
Stubborn Dog need a zap correction before it learn its lesson!

A "step by step" on how to apply to your barking dog to change the BARKING BEHAVIOR but owner can't wait and jump to the final stage!

CUSTOM Anti Bark collar:
Owner already purchased one unit and tested it effectiveness purchased the second unit for another dog!

CUSTOM Anti Bark collar:
Immediate result shown as feedback from customer!
Only using “Beep” to correct their dog

Others Anti bark collar!
With only one function and without/ no proper product training owner use at your own risk!

The above customer that use other brand of anti bark collar, had finally purchase a unit of CUSTOM anti bark collar from us on 5/5/2014! They were taught on how to use till today 21/5/204 no complaint.

CUSTOM Anti Bark collar: 22/5/2014
This dog had separation anxiety, bark when no one at home till neighbour complaint! Only this device with auto detect will helps.Teaching the owner how to change it's behavior instead of rely on the device to change it's habits.

On 25 June owner came to purchase another unit!

CUSTOM Anti Bark collar:30/5/2014
Owner saw others blog said Anti bark collar dun work, but never stated the brand! She is skeptical about our CUSTOM collar.

She ever use a remote e collar b4 on her GSD. On 30th May 2014 try buying our CUSTOM anti bark collar. Next day back again to buy another one more!

We don't only sell the product, we teach you how to use the product!

CUSTOM Anti Bark collar
Owner's feedback on this collar!
These are people who want service and support NOT only selling!

 CUSTOM Anti Bark collar
Ms Bell already bought a CUSTOM Anti Bark Collar from us before. She is helping her friend to buy for the dog and she plan to buy the 2nd pc as a gift!

Some said using Anti Bark Collar is "inhumane", I would not commend that, as those who do not encounter the "stress and frustration" of being complaint by neighbour. Where AVA and HDB step in and lawyer letters received, to demand barking problem to be solve or else further action will be taken!

Like I said problem don't falls on you, say is easy! By de voice, is it more inhuman or by given up the dog is it being irresponsible or can the barking be solved???

"Inhumane" is cause harm and injury to your dog without any reason(s) or misusing a device without proper implement to it!

Read AVA brochure:

3 Main Reasons why Buy CUSTOM Anti Bark Collar?

1) 3 days one to one Exchange and free local service and repair after that! (others once used, there is NO warranty, send back to factory for repair take min. 30days, all postage charges on the customer!)

2) We don't only sell product, we teach the owner how to use is important! ( Taught by professional dog's trainer!)

3) Buy a product with a brand and already being used by others is important (quality and assurance!)

*** Buying a product off the shelve "without" brand, product training and warranty is like taking a risk, to implement on your dogs or after sales service!


Teaching Mr Yeek's sis and family how to prevent their dog from jump over the high gate! The dog has bad barking habits as well.

 B4 Mr Yeek's sis engage us, she send me these message about her dog problems!

 Today try to followup the problem they had. For her case her dog is outdoor so she can't control her dog from a distance! An auto detect anti bark collar was introduce but we are teaching her how to condition her dog without always rely on the bark collar for life! details:


 Special Notice 

To those who bought our Anti bark collar. As from today 12/09/2015 due to the increase of US dollar ex change rate and for pass 3-4 years price has maintain the sameall anti bark collar will only comes with 2 days one to one exchange on manufacturing default upon purchased. Free Service repair is only 6 months upon purchased, other then that there will be a $10 service and repair charges for a faulty collar. Thank you!