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Understand The Types Of Dogs Training Services We Provide.

1.    Owner will save the travelling time and transport $$$ where training is conducted at your Home. (During Covid pandemic period is also safe for dogs and dog’s owner)

2.    Owner will have a better concentration that focus specially on their dog's problem(s) and more time will be spend at their home during the training.

3.    Compared to class/ group training, for home 1 hour training is equivalent to 2 - 3 hours training for you and your dog!

4.    "Every handlers in the same family" will be specially taught accordingly to the proper way of handling or training your dog it depend on the package you choose.

5.    Save more money with the number of people in your family living in the same house that involved together with your dog during the training, it depend on the package you choose.

6.    Trainer will have a better and clearer picture of your dog's problem(s) that happened in your house, so that it can be rectify the problem(s)/ mistake(s) immediately.

7.    We train according to the breed you had and the problems you are likely to face now and future so that you don’t make any mistake and well prepared on how to stop it.

8.    During the training, you are allowed to ask any questions on your dog's problem(s) or bring anything that you are in doubt?

9.    For your dog's safety, your dog will be trained "in the present of you and your family". (NO choke chain and slip leash for your puppy training! NO hush method handling on your dog behind your back! )

10.  2 days "Puppy Interactive Home Training" syllabus was specially customised that has been conducted for decades in Singapore. It will covered you most of the hidden and precise tips that you can never find it elsewhere! That is the reason why all our videos are all muted and we will never disclosed completely on what we taught during your enquires till you take this course.

11.  2 days "Puppy Interactive Home Training" after the training with unlimited follow up, dog's owner can still seek our help and advice on any issue in regards to their dog's problem(s) and is free charge! Our service is more than a decade" till your dog passed away. (Is proven in our records, not lip service) Owner do not forget this is also time taken to service you and your dog.

12.  2 days "Puppy Interactive Home Training" dog’s owner always comment "We learnt a lot" this is beneficial and value for money to them that NO owner(s) after taking this course will said they learnt nothing.

We "don't buy likes in Youtube and Facebook or request our clients for good testimonials". Those individual feedback below, the comment are based on what the dog’s owner experience, feel and observed during and after our training/ services for years and what they encountered with other trainers!   

*** PLEASE NOTE:-  We are Not Conducting a "normal and standard dogs training exercise" like one standard training fee for all dogs (e.g.1 trainer : 1 handler + 1 dog for individual/ group training), where all the 5 to 8 or 10 days owner(s) are still doing/ learning the same standard "Basic commands (Basic Obedience)"!

You “can't compare the price" in training, if you don't engage 2 or 3 trainers together to train your dog to see the differences as you don't know, what they teach, how they teach or worst can they teach or after promise you everything but not fulfil during and after training?

We provides different package of training that the owner's need, if you care and really interested to give your dog a "Right and Proper Training", please call 98429109 for more details. No Obligation after our quote!

All text message inquires WILL NOT be entertained like: What is your training fee, what is the cost, how much is your training, what is the price ......... %$&X@#$????

Please refer to the chart, any further details if you are really interested please call 🤪

Comments & Feedback received from Whatsapp message:

Owner try to do his own training for 2 weeks, end up with some depression and almost going to give up his dog. Luckily the problems was not badly form and he saw improvement over night! He had a good sleep and the toilet training had improved

Dog was training during 3 months old and now 1 year plus, owner facing problems on her dog and her feedback to me:

On 25 May 2021 posted earlier here: Owner still remember and in contact with us, her 16 years old Doody from Netherlands was trained by us when he was 3 months old in Singapore. Owner whatsapp us about her dog's Health and want our opinion. 

Feedback from a mother that help her son to look out for a trainer for the girl friend home as the dog was trained before by another trainer. She told me this dog trainer was very a well know trainer that has lots of media/ radio interviews... the fee was much more higher that he will bring the dog away (out of sight) to train first and will also teach both her son and his girl friend. 
What I understand from the mum, they had brought up an issue about their puppy barks at everyone, reason given by trainer was, "puppy is still young" during the training and after their training reason given "if a dog don't bark is not a dog"! During our training, we happened to see there is no water in the dog's bowl, when we asked the reasons, why? Answer by the owners, they were told by the ex-trainer to "control the water for toilet training" and now the dog has issue on it's health!

Our followup, owner's feedback and comment

Our followup and owner's feedback on what they observe and appreciation.

Owner’s commented the word "HONEST" before engage us for the 1 day toilet training, I guess he must have encounter bad experiences with other trainer(s) before!

After completion of the Problem(s) Solving 1 days, 2hrs training owner’s feedback and comments the following:

Dog's "vomiting or diarrhea", owner will get our free advise first (unlimited followup) before proceed to see a vet, only valid for owners that sign up for 2 days training.

Some people will "COPY" on what we teach/ "provide lifetime service" but will they do/ committed to the type of services we provide to our customers after the training??? For example, this is one of the dogs' owner, which we service her dog's problem for years..... till she updated us that her dog has passed away during old age (> 10 years services), NO LIP SERVICE!

After completion of training, when owners' need help, we are there to assist (unlimited followup). Dog's medical report, free medical advised by medical professional for owners that sign up for 2 days training. (You are paying one standard training fee for two professional service)

Dog's medical problems, free medical advised (unlimited followup) by medical professional for owners that sign up for 2 days training.(You are paying one standard training fee for two professional service)

Owner's feedback on our training: "Most of which are things we couldn't find in the internet

Third owner facing aggressive problems from her puppy. Owner's feedback on our training:

Please note we don't use forceful tools for puppy training like the Choker Chain / Slip Collar! For your dog's safety, your dog will be trained "in the present of you and your family" NOT out of sight!

Toilet training Is NOT "obedience training". We don't extract information from the internet and teach you from there! NO lip service, NO hanky-panky, NO gimmick and NO empty promises to lure you in for training and later giving all kind of excuses!

Limited pax are allowed for certain course and "it must be immediately family members staying in same household" and not for people from another address.

Due to "dishonest owners" that we encountered, STRICTLY:
1) NO "Care Taker" from another family household is allowed to attend the course (e.g. mother, mil, brother/sister /in laws/ your dog's god mum or neighbour). *For bf /gf to participate, you are kindly advice to let us know in advance as is subjected to extra charges.
2) NO live online and recording for others that don't pay for the service to learn at the same time. (You don’t buy 1 cinema ticket and bring your whole family/ village / friends to the cinema Or in school do live online recording the whole teaching in class)

*If these people have dog(s) Or their dog already trained with improper training before by another trainer Or intend to buy/adopt a new dog Or intend to go into dog business. As an "ethical person" that you engaged our services, kindly get them to pay for our service instead of taking advantages of it. Hope you understand that training(teaching) and services is our main business and this service you paid is specially cater to you and your family only (your hubby/wife and children opt. parents staying with you). Your kind cooperation is needed. Thank-you.

~mature respect and trust for both parties is important~

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***Please note we had stop updating our training photos and videos in this blog with effect from end 2020 except the terms and conditions of our training if there is a need.. Further update on our training Videos or photos please refer to


 Terms and Conditions (Dogs Training By DR-DOGS.COM)

  • Upon filling up and sign on the “dog’s training application form”, owner are liable and agreed with all the terms and conditions stated by DR-DOGS.COM
  • The Terms and Conditions of our training are subjected to changes without prior notice.
  • Details & particular filled by the owner personally in the “dog’s training application form” are acknowledge by the owner and to be true.
  • Acknowledge letter and details of the terms and conditions will be mail to the owner(s) for class training only as for home training owner can only refer online at or any changes in our terms and conditions, we will only update in our blog.
  • For Home Individual or Consultation Behavior Problem(s) Solving, DR-DOGS.COM trainer will only follow up according to the problem(s) brought up by the owner during the training period. Follow up is not for unlimited and any follow up that is not related to what has brought out during the training DR-DOGS.COM will have the rights to charge a service fee.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, follow up are unlimited but according to the time & availability of the trainer.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, owner are able to bring out problem(s) that was not covered during the training and the trainer will try his best to assist the owner.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, the 2 days course have to be complete within 2 week (1 week apart), any delay we will have the right to crease the training or charge an addition cost for it.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, the follow up service will be crease once the dog is transfer to a different owner or address.
  • DR-DOGS.COM are not be responsible that our training will meet the expectation for all owner(s). As every individual has different expectation or preferences.
  • Owner(s) have to understand for aggressive problem(s) solving, owner have to trust the trainer professionalism in handling of their dog and the trainer or DR-DOGS.COM will not claim any injuries / loss cause by the dog, if the owner have already stated their dog is aggressive in the “dog’s training application form”.
  • Indirectly in the event when the dog attack the trainer/ assistance during the training or handling or controlling the owner’s dog. Any injuries / loss from the dog, owner(s) have to agree not to claim against the company (DR-DOGS.COM) or trainer for any of the expenses.
  • If the owner(s) have gave a false detail(s) by declaring that their dog(s) is not aggressive or by leaving any blank(s) in the form. Any damage/ injuries / loss by DR-DOGS.COM or the trainer or the assistance, owner(s) have to be fully responsible for all the loss or injuries or legal fee claim against the owner.
  • DR-DOGS.COM are not be responsible or owner(s) must not hold DR-DOGS.COM responsible for any unforeseen accident/ incident happened to their dog/ owner(s) during the training ( Class/Home)
  • No refund upon the commencement of training date (Home/ Class).


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