Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dog Training or Anti bark Collar

On 15/10/2013 a guy (HP xxxx 8884) call for enquire on anti bark whether it will be able to stop the dog from barking with less effort and effective. I ask the reason why the dogs bark, he mention it likes to bark at passerby/ dogs and charge. The dog is a Shetland and is only 7month.

When he came to pickup the bark collar, I told him that this problem can be solve by training as it is only 7 month old, why he choose to use the anti bark collar? As what he claim the dog has already gone thru 8 days Puppy training and presently he is still under going a "life skill obedience",  which  in total he paid more then $1000 for the 2 courses and he do no wish to train his dog again. I try to understand more from him, he told me the trainer told him to use treats to divert the barking problem! It still don't work!

When I search thru the web of the dogs trainer and find out more. the gimmick as follows:
- training near the owner place (Bukit  Panjang)
- having a small class (2pax )so that it has better concentration in small group
- specialize in certain dog's breed training
- trainer dog is in the media and competition

My blessing to him is good luck and hope he and his dog will benefit from what he paid for!

The above reminds me of another case, on 22/12/2012 which the owner Kim (HP xxxx 7361) owner of a JRT has bought an anti bark collar for her 5 years old dog. On purchasing the bark collar as usual the owner knew I'm a dog trainer and being skeptical on my professionalism, she started to ask me about some of the dog's behaviors problem and how I train the dogs. After explaining to her and by gain her trust she review that her dog was trained before during puppy!

She do not trust any dogs trainer after the bad experience! The trainer slap her puppy JRT during the training  and claim that it is the usual method of training but I told her couldn't be,  this guy was interview lately by newspaper that he is a dog behaviorist in Singapore like Cesar Millan  in National Geographic!

The dog trainer is the same guy that train a puppy retriever from my web under No definite answer and follow up on the training  but only know how to sell anti bark collar!

Is No Surprise that this trainer work together with pet shop(chain shop) and what do shop do? selling!
What we did like swim this guy follows but till the end he charge the customers for this service, now he is not training the dogs by himself, to make thing worst every month there is a new class going on!

God bless the dog's owner good luck to you, if you found these kind of trainer(S)!

On 04/11/2013 (HP xxxx 3205) wife call on anti bark collar for her 4month old husky! Told the wife that the collar will only work for excessive barking NOT for howling and whine! I understand the puppy need to go thru a proper puppy training as these owner are new to keep puppy but to save cost they choose to buy dog anti bark collar! I still gave them some tips but not all as they are purchasing a product and my responsibility is to gave them a product training on how to use it safely on their dog/ pup.

It works for barking and after a few days the hubby call and request the device to correct the puppy when it howling and whine and ask for more tips on how to train their puppy! If is not fair that they are buying a product but not paying for a service! Already inform the wife  the collar don't work for 
howling and whine but only for excessive barking!

Some people are taking advantage!

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