Saturday, 9 November 2013

CUSTOM Anti Bark Collar

 CUSTOM Anti Bark Collar

Anti bark collar that helps many dog's owner solving their problems from complaints. Some already received warning/ complaints from lawyer, HDB, building management, neighbours... on their dog barking excessively non stop or dog bark and charge at passer by or other dog!

How the device works? It  has 2 in 1 function beep correction or zap correction. Unlike in the market anti bark collar only comes with one function beep or vibrate or spray or zap and is only available off the shelve where owner will purchase and use at their own risk without any product knowledge or training!

With product training nothing goes wrong unless is human error! The step by step training on how to apply to your dog and the function of the device by a professional dog trainer, is to correct the dog's behaviors and gradually remove by not to rely on the collar anymore.

Why some owner think it is inhumane to use anti bark collar on dogs?
- They hear to many thing in the forum and from friend but are these information real or whether these people are getting the right product and apply correctly on their dogs or these message is pass down by others?
- For some people saying is easy, some owners don't face the problem and stress you face like complaints. If problem are not solve! what is the last resource? de voice it or give up and re home your dog ? Is it more inhumane and can the problem being solve? can the person that said inhumane take over your dog and help you solve the problem?

** every product will have a risk without proper care and handling or understand on how to use.
    " a knife is for you to cut fruits, vegetable or meats but if you are going to misuse it by using it to
     rob or kill a person" who to blame? 

How these collar works for some:
- beep when dog barking to divert their attention
- vibrate when dog barking, dog will feel that something is moving from their neck
- spray when dog barking a smell will be release to divert (high cost need to buy battery and spray)
- zap when dog barking release a small static current so that feel it and respond.

** CUSTOM anti bark collar battery is easy available in the market and is ranging from $3.50 to $8.00 where else for some is $20.00 or more.

Which are the most effective result?
For beep, vibrate & spray the dog will immune to it after a period of time and barking will still continue. Zap is the most effective but one important factor owner must know, how is the function of the device? Some Zap collar will keep on zapping the dog with increase voltage and event when there is a false detection from the bark or sound!

With CUSTOM anti bark collar is SAFE the voltage is the same and lower when battery is weaker. It will not Zap the dog immediately unlike others it will warn them first. Owner will start with a step by step procedure that will be taught by us, after some questions being ask about the dog's behaviors, breed, age...etc . Some of the best result is by wearing the device without any beep or zap function ON, the dog stop barking!

** Buy a product without brand or training is like try an error at your DOG'S RISK!

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