Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Dogs training in Singapore

Class training for dogs

25/7/13 (Finally completed his lessons)
Yoshi was a re home dog with behaviors problems. This Japanese spitz was train during puppy by a dog behaviorist from an animal shelter house that don't believes in correction and scolding the dog. Since this dog had gone thru puppy training by this specialist , the new owner had given a chance to attend the lesson.

Owner was told to divert it's attend by using treats or try to ignore it! Owner was very doubtful with it and think if my dog bite on others who will be responsible? Dogs trainer, dogs behaviorist or the dog's owner?

This dog problem: stubborn and aggressive! The problem for this dog when push it's butt to sit it bite, when paying rough with other dogs try to stop him it bite and likes to jump.....

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