Wednesday 4 September 2013

Dogs and Puppies rehome for adoption!

Dogs and Puppies re home for adoption!

9/5/2013 ( What type of responsibility does this people have?)
Just received  a call from my student from oversea that ask for a favor!  Very annoying with this incident. She said the person that help her to re home the 3 dogs had told her to cancel her license from AVA herself  and she aks me for a favor to help! Very ridiculous money this girl know how to make but documentation she don't do!

Reason for this owner to give up her dogs is her husband is station in oversea for 2 years and the apartment there don't allow dogs! In Singapore she don't mind paying for the rented apartment but her child is going oversea next month for study and her maid don't not want to stay alone here only to look after the 3 dogs and it will be very lonely for her. So have no choice but to give her love dogs to others to adopt.

She may have to pay the service for re homing her dogs to a good home and for those who is specially doing re home may have collect some documentation/service charge. As nothing is free in this world! If my student is going to cancel her dogs license, AVA will ask why? Your dogs is stolen , loss, died or re home any document prove?

For transfer of dog's ownership my students have to provide the details of the new owner!

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