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Dog Training in Singapore- Home Puppy Interactive Training

Dogs training in Singapore

Hi all,
Before answer to these your enquiry, questions:
1. How much is the training?
2. What is the cost?

- Did the owner really care about what/ how is the training?
- Did the owner understand every individual trainer provide different kind of training and services?  and their experience and knowledge on solving the problems?
- Did you get the right training / trainer for your problem(s)?
 - How your dog is being trained:
   1) Trainer talk and advise only without hands on touching your dog?
   2) Dog only trained by trainer?
   3) Trainer train the owner to train their dog?

Why choose us:
1. You are paying 1 training fee with 2 professional services
( " Qualify " Behaviors and Obedience trainer + " Qualify " Medical person on health and food advise)

2. Unlimited service after training, on :(Your Behaviors and Obedience + Health problems)

3. We provide varies methods to solve your problem(s) but " not fix method " as every individual dog and problem are difference.

4. Save hundred and thousand of dollars for monthly basic grooming and medical health problem(s) on your dog.

5. Toilet training, obedience and behavior problems, results are proven with "Genuine" videos, photos and feedback by owner with their text reply.

6. Specialize in these training for more then 17 years
* If you want us " to train according to your budget or match the price of what other trainer have quoted you", just give us your price to match.

* If you want "our quality training and services", we need to know more details according to your dog's problem, breed, age and what you want. We will quote you according with different courses for you to choose. 

Market rate for dog training, information given by dogs' owner:
$150/hr or $200/visit (only teach tricks and obedience) trainer don't touch your dog. or $1,400 to $1,800 (full course) Training fee can be high or very low, what is being trained and how you and your dog is train is more important?????

** Whether the above trainer with / without experience??? is another issue!

Please call during 10am to 10pm for details!

Thanks and good luck to you!

Hotline (9842 9109) 


Terms and Conditions (Dogs Training By DR-DOGS.COM)
  • Upon filling up and sign on the “dog’s training application form”, owner are liable and agreed with all the terms and conditions stated by DR-DOGS.COM
  • The Terms and Conditions of our training are subjected to changes without prior notice.
  • Details & particular filled by the owner personally in the “dog’s training application form” are acknowledge by the owner and to be true.
  • Acknowledge letter and details of the terms and conditions will be mail to the owner(s) for class training only as for home training owner can only refer online at or any changes in our terms and conditions, we will only update in our blog.
  • For Home Individual or Consultation Behavior Problem(s) Solving, DR-DOGS.COM trainer will only follow up according to the problem(s) brought up by the owner during the training period. Follow up is not for unlimited and any follow up that is not related to what has brought out during the training DR-DOGS.COM will have the rights to charge a service fee.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, follow up are unlimited but according to the time & availability of the trainer.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, owner are able to bring out problem(s) that was not covered during the training and the trainer will try his best to assist the owner.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, the 2 days course have to be complete within 2 week (1 week apart), any delay we will have the right to crease the training or charge an addition cost for it.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, the follow up service will be crease once the dog is transfer to a different owner or address.
  • DR-DOGS.COM are not be responsible that our training will meet the expectation for all owner(s). As every individual has different expectation or preferences.
  • Owner(s) have to understand for aggressive problem(s) solving, owner have to trust the trainer professionalism in handling of their dog and the trainer or DR-DOGS.COM will not claim any injuries / loss cause by the dog, if the owner have already stated their dog is aggressive in the “dog’s training application form”.
  • Indirectly in the event when the dog attack the trainer/ assistance during the training or handling or controlling the owner’s dog. Any injuries / loss from the dog, owner(s) have to agree not to claim against the company (DR-DOGS.COM) or trainer for any of the expenses.
  • If the owner(s) have gave a false detail(s) by declaring that their dog(s) is not aggressive or by leaving any blank(s) in the form. Any damage/ injuries / loss by DR-DOGS.COM or the trainer or the assistance, owner(s) have to be fully responsible for all the loss or injuries or legal fee claim against the owner.
  • DR-DOGS.COM are not be responsible or owner(s) must not hold DR-DOGS.COM responsible for any unforeseen accident/ incident happened to their dog/ owner(s) during the training ( Class/Home)
  • No refund upon the commencement of training date (Home/ Class).


Some owners ask for discount!

Sorry to said we have not increase our fees for the past few years and furthermore there this different type of course(service price) you can choose for according to your budget. If you need more days to train your dog, we can split up the syllabus but you have to pay extra for the transport and time.

If I could give you discount then there won't be a "standard in my training" and you have to worry about what and how I train you and your dog.

Everything in the market has gone up inflation. You can't eat at the 5 or 6 stars restaurant and ask for a cafe or hawker center price!

As feed back from our existing customers who check around and also being trained by other trainer before, our price are very reasonable according to what we taught and service. Others are either the very high price or low type. Our training fee are average according to the type of syllabus and owner can have a choice for their budget. What we teach is informative and value for money!

We know some have save up $$ and try themselves but please remember. Training Behaviors dogs are not like fixing a faulty television, the more you drag and bad habits are form very badly, you must be more patience to take longer to solved!

** Some dogs' owner had forgotten they are paying 1 standard price for 2 professional services for "Home Puppy Interactive Training" where others is 1 to 1!


We provide the following for Home Service:
1) Problem(s) Solving (Budgeted training, fee *from *$95.00 depend on problem...etc)

2) Consultation training (Any kinds of problems, behavior, obedience....)

3) Puppy interactive (Full course with notes and unlimited followup)

4) Small group of 2pax at near your home basic obedience (*fee subject to changes.)

5) Aggressive behavior training (Fee from $1,200 depend on problems, age and breed of dog)
** If you think dog's bite are not serious wait till you see these:
- Dogs bite:
- Dogs bite wound:

6) Dog walking and dog sit at your home.
** For Owner that mention their dog are mongrel, kindly provide Pic. ( any mix with AVA Cat. 1(A) or Cat.2(B) dog fee are different)

View the latest updated Videos and photos from:
Our Profile:
(Establish 1999)
(Why our customers still send their 2nd and 3rd dog to train here)
(Canine Behaviors & Psychology Training)



Dog training in Singapore - Mikey (Pembroke Welsh Corgi)

Problems: Toilet Training, Sit and Sleep on the pee tray, Jumping, Hyperactive, Not Responsive, Biting and Nipping!

Dogs Training in Singapore - 5 year old Milo Jack Russell Terrier

Milo is having problems like:
Barking, don't walk (Lie Flat on the floor) with 1 handler must walk in group, bark and charge at passer by when walking, Jumping and like to snatch things( food) from owner's hand.

Thanks to Sushee Girish for her recommendation on our training to Ms Banu :)

Dogs training Singapore- 4 months old Bella (Shetland Sheepdog)
( 2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training)

Bella problems:
Toilet Training, not paying attention and no patience, hyperactive, bark and chase mop, jumping and begging for food.

Without delay owner has started training the dog earlier, some problems, results are shown within the 1st day training and subsequent problems are solved within a few days!

Dogs training Singapore - Athena Maremma Sheepdog

Athena 8 months+ Maremma Sheepdog imported from Thailand!

Major problems is timid, Owner has taken up the " 2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training" to understand more comprehensive on how to guide her dog to fit into our city lifestyle here. She is happy that she can now bathe and basic groom her dog and save hundred of dollars!

Again she will get unlimited follow up, after she had completed the training!

 Dogs training Singapore
Cesar 4 months old Beagle & Jack the 16 years old Jack Russell Terrier

Cesar He maybe "CUTE' but ..........
Problems: Super hyper, can't sit still and focus, very naughty with stubborn and quick-tempered character, don't like to be touch....
Owner are dog lover that she help to foster her family old dog. She started to give her Beagle a proper training (2 days Home Puppy Interactive training) as she don't want the dog to have the same character like the old dog!
Our training goes beyond Basic Obedience training as "Behaviors training" is more important. Behaviors are subject to changes due to incidents happened, change of environments, way of handling ... Besides that we help to give first hand support and advise on dog's health by our medical professional!

 Occasionally owner still contact us for some health advise on their dog!


Dogs Training In Singapore -  Dogs Training is a family affair 

Gummy 8 months old (Bull dog) & Latte 6 months old (Golden Retriever).
Both have gone thru "Home Puppy Interactive Training".
Problem of dogs: Don't walk, Don't listen, Behavior Solving, Toilet Training, Need Obedience and Control...

 Thanks to Stephanie for her recomendation
Owner is satisfy after the first day training

Evo 10 months old corgi
Dog's Problems: Dogs socialising, bark at someone outdoor and pull during walk 
Owner take up the 1 day Home Consultation Training!

Results are shown during training but to have a better results, owners' effort is more important once they understand and know how control their dog. Positive thinking and continuous practice makes perfect!

Thanks to Gary for your recommendation.


Dogs Training In Singapore - Olaf 3 months+ old golden retriever
Dog's Problems: Too.... hyper can't sit still, very jumpy, won't focus, cannot be control, toilet training and pickup anything to eat he can reach!

Owner worry bad habits being form and hard to be control in future. They decided to quickly get him trained

2 days after he is home! They kept a Shih tzu before but never go for training.

Owner Thanks us for what we did after we completed the 2 days course :) :) :)
Even after our training there is still followup for "Home Puppy Interactive Training" if owner face any problem(s) on their dog!

After 1st day training owner had put in the effort on what we advise, result are there to tamed Olaf down!

Toilet training solved after 3 days but now is Rushes problems :( Finally solved before 2nd day training! Owner Save Medical Fees $$$ 

Owner Thanks us for what we did after we completed the 2 days course :) :)

This hyper energetic and boring dog nothing to do, eat PEE PAD!
Even after our training there is still followup for "Home Puppy Interactive Training" if owner face any problem(s) on their dog!

Owner still worried but was told to observed and give...., end up didn't visit vet. Olaf back to normal!

Finally what is taken IN is OUT now! No More worries from the owners and they have save up "Hundreds of Dollars $$$" for both cases, if they are panic and go to the vet immediately they will have to pay $$$!


2 months+ to 3 handsomely pretty girl Sky (Golden Retriever) take up
Home Puppy Interactive Training!
Always smiling and happy!
Not much a problems, owner just want to have a proper training on how to handle and manage their dog!

Toilet Training are solved after a few days :) as 
owner understand the problem and make changes!

 Thanks to Clayton for the recommendation.

Bruno 4 months old Maltese X Yorkshire (MorKie)

Dog's Problem: Very Hyper can't sit still, likes to bite owner's toes, like to harassing the cat, some toilet training issue, very bold don't listen.

Owners has taken up the 2 days " Home Puppy Interactive Training"

Next Cody Video, Coming Soon!
8 months old Japanese Spitz being trained before but owner are not satisfy with it. After our first training, what owner comment in our training are "Very Informative & Helpful"!

Dogs Trainers & Training there are many type in the market, every individual teaching and handling are difference no matter how good and expert they claim they are, no one knows till you try both services.
** Kindly please don't compare others' training fee with our, unless they are doing exactly the same methods of service and syllabus as what we did.
Thank you!


Yesterday 18/9/2016, I encounter 2 incidents:
1) Pet farm that also conduct training advise my client that had an aggressive 4 months old Spitz to use metal choke chain on her puppy.
2) A young guy call himself Isaac, came to buy a prong collar, i saw him having a x breed local dog about 3-4 months, I ask him why he want to use this on the puppy but he didn't answer! He ask me to show him how to pull on a prong collar, I ask again you have a trainer to train your dog, so ask your trainer but again he didn't answer! I only show him how to adjust the collar! Finally after making payment, he said he is a dog trainer! 
Please note training aids (choke chain...) can only be use at the right age and type of dog, if you have a puppy below 6 months which is on the growing stage, please do not use it! If these people are an ethical dog trainers, they should know when to use a training aids and how to use.

                                                                                         Prong Collar

Business Time 2002 ( ethical / non ethical dog trainers)


Cody 8 months old Japanese Spitz was trained before, courses taken is 6 week class training according to AVA’s PADT and with very impressive write out!

Cody’s is happy dog but uncontrollable and with some behaviors problems that need to be solved. What owner told me is has learn a very, very basic training in the class. What he has is a “ Big treat bag” for training and what he learns is to let the dog socialize, sit and stay with “treats”. Things like how to control his dog and much deeper details on behaviors and obedience training was not touch on!
As I mention earlier, Dogs Trainers & Training there are many types in the market, every individual teaching and handling are difference!
Just recently I encounter dog farm that also offer home training their fee is $2,000 told my client to buy a metal choke chain on her 4 months old fear aggressive Japanese Spitz, which she bought from them! How to use the coke chain was not told but only sell her the training aid! She didn’t use it as both husband and wife try to consult me first. If you ask the vet puppy below 6 months are not supposed to use choke chain as the body is on development stage!
Another Idi_t came with a puppy (xbreed)to buy a prong collar from me on last Sunday, as why he wants to use it for a small puppy and since he engage a trainer to train his puppy, as a trainer he/she should know how to use the training aids! I keep asking him but he didn’t answer! He ask me to show how to put it on the dog but I didn’t, I only teach him how to adjust the collar! After making payment and with his gf just pop by he claimed that he is a dog trainer like so yaya! I search for this guy details and was thinking another Idi_t that comes in to spoil the dog training market again!
Some trainers that dare not touch your dog during training will always tell you ignore them or divert them (with a treat) if they are naughty or aggressive. Don’t scold or disciple or shout at your dog! Ask yourself if your dog show aggressive and bite your child.. or others child.. or misbehave in the public, just leave it alone or divert them with a treat?
Next Dou Dou Video, Coming Soon!
A committed owner with his "Highly Energetic" 4 months 5 days old Pembroke Welsh Corgi!

Dou Dou 4 months 5 days old Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Problems: Highly Energetic & Super Hyper, toilet training, not paying attention..

I will give 4 LIKEs for Dou Dou owner for his Commitment, Love, Responsibility and Patience in dealing with his dog! He will get anything that is useful and helpful for his dog from oversea and he learn how to forgive for the mistake and patience training him.

For others whom are impatience and can't cope, I think they had already given this puppy up!

For dogs' training owners must be positive and calm down to analyze where and why things goes wrong as we will help to assist as much as we could to solve their problems but we can't be at the owner's home for 24/7. So if owners pay attention on what we taught and refer to our notes, result will be there in no time but if owner "STAY NEGATIVE" and try to do something funny, no one can help you!

Fero 4 months MaltiPoo ( 1 day Consultation Training)
Problems: Choosy on food, Toilet Training, Serious Marking Habits, Hyperactive dog..
For marking some dog will do it outside and not at home but some dog will do both :(

If problem(s) are minor it can be solve earlier but if it very serious it may take time and patience and continue training exercise to change it's habits!
Ranger - 5 Years old Jack Russell Terrier ( 1 day Home Consultation Training)
Problem: Serious marking problems, barking at neighbour, run out of the house, pull while walking.
For marking some dog will do it outside and not at home but some dog will do both :(
Some marking will end up dog pee at that particular marking area!

In our training we teach owners on how to control and to prevent their dog from bad habit(s) form, from now and future!

Owner has decided to give a try to correct this habits that has been develop for years!
They were taught on how to correct it's habit with varies way of exercise, owner must put in the effort in order to see the changes!

Next Video coming soon!
When this 4 months beauty became a beast, she bites as she don't like to be touch!
Buying a dog is fated some aggressive dog are inborn, some are incidents happened but both can be train to be under control! You can't change the temperament but you can train and control them!
Owner decided to keep her and her determination and patience training her puppy had improved it's temperament!
Please Note, "aggressive training for dog" above 10 months is from above $1,200 ONWARDs depend on breed, size and problems. The owner must determine and willing to hand on practices and training their aggressive dog after each lesson. (If the following can't meet, then is no point calling us, as there is owner willing to pay but push to the helper to train and take the risk. **You may be bitten by your dog during training)
So get your puppy training and control them from young! Give them a good foundation!

Owners perseverance of training Snowy has help to improve it's behavior. Feedback my owner Vet said Snowy is a lot much better since her previous visit :) :) :) Is owners' effort !
Training a dog is not fixing/ repairing a electronic device, it takes time and effort for behavior solving. They are living thing not and object where we can change any parts and components in their brain!
Many dogs' owner will wait till problems happened or delay the problems from happening for months and years then they look for help and ask for any "guarantee" in the training! If you find something wrong with your health and you keep dragging and delay to consult a doctor, will you ask the doctor for "guarantee" if it is a serious case?
There is a number of cases where trainer promise "result guarantee" but owners that pay for the training still fail the test and some after paying $1k don't get the service after a first visit! So what is "guarantee" ? Gimmick!
Our feedback was shown on the video and reply from owners' hand phone direct NOT written testimonial (written by whom?)
For more details in our training is better to call, no obligation if you do not wish to train after we quote you the fee!


Coco 4 months old poodle
Problems: food allergy(diarrhea), very bad seperation anxiety, toilet training, almost started to have fear aggression(growl when approach/ touch), very timid.
Sometimes is better to talk then text, in order to have better understanding of what we say!


Bodhi take up "Home Puppy Interactive Training"
Bodhi 3 months old Shiba Inu
Problems: Likes to harass the older dog, toilet training, too active and not focusing

For this course even the training is over, owner can contact us for any problem. Owner will benefits and save $$$ in near future and they will be served by two professional. For medication and health advise, they will be followup by my partner (medical person).

Results are base on type of problem(s) you have and also how bad the habits is being inherited. Some case will get immediate result, some take days or week or a month it depend on how bad it is!

Give your puppy a good foundation training! Is better to mould them up when is young, then correcting mistake!

2.5 Months old Lucky.

Owner sign up for puppy interactive training. Although the owner has kept a number of dogs but
this is the first time he keep a dog indoor!
Dogs' Training is a family affair!
Owner commend " It was great knowledge" for our training!


Toto 2.5 Months old Pomeranian puppy Taking up the "Home Puppy Interactive Training"

Is WRONG to keep your dog in the cage!
He like to nip owners' hands and bite their toes! Problem was solve within 5 mins.
Toto don't like to be walk on leash
Toilet training is not an issue after few days he can automatically know where to go!
Give your puppy the right and proper training while is young, don't wait till problem(s) comes and habits form badly then you started to training and required fast result!

3.5 months Meelo taking up the 2 days "Home Puppy Interactive Training"

2.5 months Fafa Pembroke Welsh Corgi taking up the "Home Puppy Interactive Training" comes with unlimited followup and Proper training notes Behaviour solving, Housebreaking, Obedience, Basic Grooming. Professional advise on Health and Food....etc

 Mocha - 5 months+ old poodle
Owner did engaged a trainer before, to solve the problem "but only trained for half with a pack of smoke sausages, Mocha do not walk on leash and he throw all the treats on the floor to make him walk" (quoted by owner)!

Mocha biggest problem is Separation Anxiety! This problem was not solved during the earlier training that the owner have to let him goes in the toilet together whenever she had a shower... :(
(Her ex-trainer only spend half and hour just talking!)

Although owner had engaged the wrong person and paid much higher fee than ours but she didn't give up by trying out our training!

For  dogs training, you can't compare on the fee or days given or how impressive the website presentation is!  It depends on whether you get the right person to do a proper job!


Wolfy - 3 months + old Husky (by it's look and size is about 4-5months old)
At first owner wants a problem solving only for nipping and play bite, end up take up the "Puppy Interactive Training" instead! Owner has kept many dog before but never trained an she understand that she must have a Complete and Proper training before problems being form! ( Don't wait to problem turn from bad to worst then ask the trainer for result!)

Wolfy biggest problem is can't sit still, nipping, play bite, snatch things and food from owner, not listening, don't walk on leash, jumping, mess up the owner's plants.....

In this video, all feedback and comments about our training are directly from the owner! Nothing extra added :)



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