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Dog training in Singapore - Toilet (potty) training on Puppy/ Dog

Dog training in Singapore

Puppy/ Dog Toilet Training 

 Hotline: 9842 9109 (10am to 10pm), No SMS or whatsapp enquires text please!
Dog potty training or Puppy toilet training was not taught when we started dogs training in Singapore. As all dogs training in Singapore is emphasis more on "Basic Obedience" mainly all trainers will only concentrate Obedience like dog heel(walk) beside without pulling, Stay according to the required timing for competition!

In the early years 2000 behaviors training and toilet training are not in the syllabus.Trainers are more focus on Obedience competition and are mainly using choker for training. When it comes to behavior(s) problem, dog owner are always brush off with a quick answer which is not relevant to the problem face. No surprise till today many of the trainers are still doing that as well, these people will copy whatever is in demand but end up  with excuses or mess up the dog training market. The person that loose up this the dog's owner that engage them for training!

** Sorry the word should not be "Copy", is "Stealing" ideal without the knowledge or experience in teaching the kind of syllabus!

In today market, these trainers will cut price(fee) and commit where ever they could in order to secure a deal! Those who are specialise in competition will said they are do behavior training! Some trainer(s) will get their trainee to train you and when thing goes wrong they can have an excuses to push the fault. That makes most dog's owner feels very skeptical on sending their dogs for training in Singapore!

Below Mr Aaron has engaged 2 trainers to train his POM! 
This owner are willing to give a third try on us although he had encounter such a bad experiences with these 2 trainers. Because of the cheap fee, he engage the first trainer  and the second trainer because of the popularity of the trainer and in the web it looks convicting!

 He comment most of the web he visited stated very briefly about their training but only emphasis more on what the achieved like competition, who they volunteer and the are member of certain society or how good they are!

These people spend 45 minutes talking about Cesar Millan training and for the last 15 minutes he was told to follow their setup for toilet training and "observe". Any problem call them or pay for another visit! How they teach the toilet training for outdoor is to plug a small leaves to ticker the dog's anal to stimulate it to poo!

** "Observe" is what we taught for our students for years when we first start toilet training, where others do not cover this syllabus. How to define "Observe", only our customers knew how and why! 
 What he wrote to us :

The above owner is happy with us, after the training :

Damien this owner had try the toilet training by themselves as the partner had kept dogs before and they have a few tips from friends that kept dogs, dog has form bad habit for months. Need to break it habit!
What our customer achieved, after the training:

Dog training Singapore
Frankco rehome a 1.5 years old border collie and wish to train his dog for outdoor Pee and Poo!
What our customer achieved, after the training:

Eve has 3 dogs, both are outdoor, she want this Pom to be train indoor toilet training. Was recommend by ex-student of DR-DOGS.COM
What our customer achieved, after the training:
Dog training Singapore
Winly has 2 dogs, both are not tray trained. Finally goes to the tray, again some are natural habits it needs time and advise to be improved!
What our customer achieved, after the training:

Jason and Zann had kept dog before, try to toilet train her 6month old Shihtze.This dog had inherit some separation anxiety problem and dirty habit. Was recommend by ex-student of DR-DOGS.COM

What our customer achieved, after the training:

Gabriel, his dad Raymond engage us for the indoor toilet training for their new 2 months old puppy. He had another Shelti which was trained but not on toilet trained before.

At first they are very apprehensive on our training as our training goes on for half an hour, they realized our training is totally different from what they are taught by their ex-trainer!Instead of engage us for 1 day, Raymond needs me to come again once the puppy is stable down. Toilet training for them is very important as they don't want to end up like the Shelti, have to stay outdoor(garden).

** Before the puppy is back from pet shop, the owner had already book our service!

What our customer achieved, after the training:

Ms Lilian was recommend by Irene our ex-student to train her 2mth plus puppy. Result are shown with a day training for the toilet training. After a few days the dog was able to go back to the tray to pee and poo big area! Barking is lesser!

This owner kept 2 dogs before and she still take the full course with us and find it valuable for Money!

Joyce take up our puppy interactive training on 14/09/2014, at first she is very skeptical about whether is it true there is result on the first day as there is too.... many trainers out there to be trust!
She had the courage to take the challenge, on the day she was so surprised that her hyperactive pug tone down immediately after the practical training!
Next her 2 months + pug toilet training was able to be toilet train within a day!  

*** This owner has a Shihtze in her mother house never been train and she still take the full course with us and find it valuable for Money!
Now her brother plan to buy 2 Shihtze to be train!

Joyce brother has bought a new pug with problem!
Good news is her Pug(pudding is doing V well!

~ We don't waste your time by providing too... many days for toilet training ~

Puppy Interactive  & Handling  Course
has Proven to be value for money
by our customer!

Yesterday after our training, we were talking about another case (Joshua- staying behind her block) who engage a trainer before and comment that "his ex trainer did not know how to train at all"!

Joyce daughter Ellery a primary 6 student was asking, if the trainer don't know how to train what did he/she do in the training?

My comment to her is, look at your present school for example:

1) Some teachers knows but can't teach!

2) Some knows but don't teach or teach according to what is paid(salary)!                    (Due to under paid!) 

3) some just follow by the book to teach!  

4) Some just passing their time everyday to earn salary!                                             (whether they understand or knows is not important) 

5) Some are very responsible!    

** I remember Mr Aaron dog name Peanut in 2012! Before he engage us for training, he was confused by the web with full of trainers and all the dog trainers stated they are the best and good in providing all kinds of service (very convicting)! Again he had engaged two trainers before that mass up the training. 



17 /9/2014
Just finish a toilet training today at Teck Whye, which is behind Joyce dog Pudding home where we train the family on Sunday.

After half an hour of training owner started to disclose that they did engage a trainer to train them before, he claim "the trainer did not know how to train at all"! they have paid a lot and the trainer comes a number of days and he can't even explains and be able to rectify the problems and teach the wrong thing!

This owner (Joshua) has try the different and he know the differences!

Well, in dog training market now is like bubble tea, papa bread.. many people think it is easy money or market in demand without know anything just comes in and spoil the market!

These kind trainers know how to lure the dogs' owner and they know what you want by:
-:  cheaper price
-:  a package fee with commitment of many days of training
-:  empty promises

** Look if the trainer can't or don't know how to teach, are you wasting all your time and $$$

Good luck to you guys!

Although Joshua is willing to pay for the training But he has paid for the wrong dogs trainer, that doesn't know how to teach! Worst is the puppy had form a bad habit!

He only engage us to teach the toilet training for his dog with a cheaper fee, for this fee we don't cover behavior problem unlike the Puppy interactive Course or behaviour consultation training which Lilian & Joyce has gone thru.

** This is what most dog owners always ask for Cheaper Price with longer Service! Or they may think the longer the service the dog will be able to learn ( value their money)!

We don't quote our customer blindly what they pay is what they get to solve their problem!


PUPPY INTERACTIVE HOME TRAINING: Our customer has found it 
beneficial and value for money!

Toilet training result proven within a day!

Another dogs owner that engage a dog trainer to train he puppy before engaging us to train his 8-9 months old Moca again!

This time was the owner's girl friend that call us to go down for the training. At first the owner Mr Lawrence was quite skeptical with the toilet training for his dog, after I had pointed out the mistake and giving the reasons why? He started to realized what was taught by his ex- dog trainer and what he do was wrong!

Again bad habits was inherited for months for what he was taught and done, these need time to solve!

**What he paid for his ex trainer was much more then what he pay now!

Thanks to Hazel for her yummy cookie, which we ate today!

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Difficult "Customer(s)" - CUSTOM Anti Bark Collar

Difficult "Customer(s)" - CUSTOM Anti Bark Collar

Yesterday a customer came to buy a anti bark collar with his gf. The person that call is his gf, upon picking up the product, has found this is a difficult person!

He has bought two anti bark collar for his 5 years old husky from one of the Pasir Ris pet farm where he was trained before. All the puppy was told to purchased an anti bark collar during that time of training and now the item he purchased has breakdown and this guy keep asking me whether I could service for him due to he had already sent the device for service and repaired before . We have rejected him as the brand and product is not from us. The item he bought was Sin$150/unit and by sending it for service repair the pet farm have to send back to factory and he have to pay the to and back frieght charges and the parts price and the item can't be fix.

To his annoy with the pet farm. He had ask some idiot questions as will it be painful or inhuman if the anti bark collar zap on his dog. What a contradict questions he has ask, in the first place he had been using only the zap anti bark collar on his Husky when it was puppy, for 5 years. Didn't he asked his trainer why all the students , are told to buy and use it during the training?

I try to teach him the base way(step by step) on how to use CUSTOM anti bark collar, he didn't seem to concentrate but just keep on telling me how bad service he encounter from the pet farm. Our CUSTOM anti bark collar has two function and is unlike what he has purchased only zap funtion!

Zap function has 3 types:
1) zap with certain voltage for few second "without warning" and the voltage can be adjusted according to the owner choice(e.g 15v/ 20v/ 25v/ 30v, so if you dog can take in 15v it will have keep increase the voltage till the dog are frighten and stop, in any incident if the device detect wrongly it will zap with the voltage you set again without warning!)

2)zap at different level of voltage till the dog stop "without warning" ( e.g. 15v/ 20v/ 25v/ 30v.. once the dog bark first zap 15v, don't stop 20v, don't stop again 25v and goes on till the dog are frighten and stop, in any incident if the device detect wrongly it will zap at the last level (voltage) when it bark(20v/25v/?? without warning!)

3) CUSTOM anti bark collar has two function, for zap it will give a "warning" to your dog first without zap! (what the dog learn "warn"!) the zap is (± 13V zap). For this device we will teach the owner step by step(start from basic) to change the dog's behavior!
In some case dogs wear without activate the device, the dog stop barking immediately!
Some with the Beep it will stop immediately!
For zap it will warn the dogs first without zap  again it has a auto reset function for 30 sec if the dog stop barking, it will reset to warning again! Safe for dog!

*** Updated on 20/5/2014 customer are happy with the device till now no complaint!

What this guy bought is 2) zap function but he don't even know how is works!
- I ask this guy that bought the two anti bark collar from the pet farm, is there any product training  when you purchased during the training? Answer is NO
- Do you know how is the function for the device he used earlier? Answer is NO he only assume how the function work but find out how!
* From the above it show, selling is easier without proper training! 
Once a dogs owner has been using the product for too long or taught with wrong concept of training. It is very difficult to get your words thru them!

Finally he has purchased it and till today more then 24 hours there is no complaint ;) !

 *** Updated on 23/5/2014, not complaint from this customer. He should be comfortable with the device!

Inconsiderate person that only think for themselves!
Today another customer who call and fix appointment to pickup in the morning but last minutes change the appointment to 10 pm!

By fixing an appointment we make ourselves free for  ± 1-2hours before the timing or sometime we have to rush back from another place ! Last minutes changes or cancel appointment is a inconsiderate person that only think for themselves!

By right today is Saturday we plan for an outing in the evening, so the appointment is fix at 9pm. Ok cancel all my plan. Again last minutes changes said can't make it! Ask whether I work at town side plan to pickup another day!

 *** Updated on 20/5/2014, this enquires did not call back!He may be our competitor / inconsiderate person!

Some people may complaint others for  bad services!  Again where and who can we complaint for these kind of people!

- Many of these people reserved a sit or table for a seminar or dinner at the restaurants, last minutes they don't turn up they don't care! 

- Some asked for delivery but don't want to pay for the transport!

- Product training for CUSTOM anti bark collar not Product training on your dog!

- There is some who need a solution urgently due to lawyer letter in/ HDB or AVA step in, these customers will immediately want answer. Worst is some call around 10-11pm and wanted pickup the device immediately! Please Note we are not 7 eleven 24 hours convenience store!

- One customer call and scold said can't buy battery for it anti bark collar, earlier already text them(couple) the place where to buy and how to use the device. At the end they are using the old phone can't received long sms text or whatsapp! Again break the message into 3 pages and text to them but they didn't even mention the words of thanks! Extreme rude! 

The following are bad "Customers" ( I don't think they are our customers as they have yet to pay for the service!)

** These people fix an appointment at 4.45pm. At 4.42pm sms said can't turn up and at the end didn't turn up at all! Who can we trust, wasting our time!

** This is the worst person fix a dog home training appointment at Jurong, when reach the home no one there! Already put carpark coupons and travel from East to West and is raining on that day! End up never take up the service. May god bless these people for what they did!

 ** The above was found in pets channel, this member had defamation and  infringe our trademark! This member is not a customer, he/she is selling the product and he/she condemn our services! 

卖假花说香 not 卖花说香!

***Pedipaws is DR-DOGS.COM registered approved trade mark by IPOS.
(This product has discontinue due to too much fake product that lead to bad reviews from the people who bought it.)

Recently another case at Pet channel!  One of the person give a remarks, he/she had use our anti bark collar and is faulty after 3 months. Note: Our product comes with 3 days 1 to 1 exchange and free local service repair after that.. Look an item is use on the dog(animal) and anything could had happen due to misuse or mishandling! Other similar products does not provide our type of after sale service or they will charge their customers for all the services.

I don't know where these people come from as they are coward  that hide behind of the computer using a fake namewhether this people is my competitor or jealous of what we do and they try to bad mouth our company!  We have record for every customers name, dog breed and phone number, just give us your details and we can tell whether these people are genuine people that give a bad remarks!

Again Pet channel is not a good forum web as I try to register and login to find out from these people on how I could help but was rejected! Hope the government will come out with a law that the person who mange the web forum must also be fully responsible for their member(s) that put a defame remarks in their web but not only the the person upload the remarks! 

Like I always said some humans are worst then dogs! Irresponsible, Selfish, Inconsiderate and Cunning !

On a 15th June 2015 about 10.30pm a very rude enquires called! The mum told your daughter to check around about training but when  I was talking to her daughter! I can heard her mum behind the background barking non stop with questions so I told her to pass to her mum to answer instead of on the speaker phone barking non stop!

This lady thinks she have some money and being frustrated talking to too many trainers before me that can't convince her. She ask me to compare me with our trainers! I told we are providing professional service not sell an item, if she want to know better about our training she can refer to our web or facebook, there videos and sms text about our training. I don't bad mouth others or do lip service to get her deal! She told her she got not time to surf web to see but she got money in order for her to come out with the money, I got to convince her!

Before comment product is faulty please check properly!
This inconsiderate guy complaint our products is faulty, ok we do a one to one within 2 days of purchase!
Keep harassing while I'm in training and request to meet at his convenience place for exchange. End up the product has no problem! Owner didn't inform me

Friday, 25 April 2014

Stroll Buddy - Be a leader for your excited pulling dog! Dog training in Singapore

Head Halter for stubborn or excited pulling dogs
Is your dog pulling you when walking?
Is your dog too strong or big for you to handle ?
Have you been pull by your dog till you fall?
Did your dog keep sniff on the floor during your stroll?

Stroll Buddy, 2 in 1 collar and leash that fits for all sizes of dogs!
This special design and custom made head halter by DR-DOGS.COM helps you
to control your dog without pulling during your morning and evening walk.

Conversion leash an collar are made with single layer webbing material and
the side webbing that is “hard on the edge” that cut your hand when your dog pull
you on the leash!

Stroll Buddy has break through the webbing material for dog’s leash and collar
by using  high quality Smooth & Soft, double layer round edge webbing for you and
your dog’s comfort, that is 100% Made in ITALY / USA ! Not only the dogs’ owner have
save he money from this 2 in 1 collar and leash, owner are paying only 1 price for
the double layer of high quality webbing material!

For those who have not heard of “head halter”. This is commonly use for
controlling large and strong animals like horse, cow, goat, llama, camel.... Imagine
without the head halter, how are these people going to lead or train these animal?
Head halter is consider a very humane, effective way to restrain / train your dog by
The Humane Society of the United States.

Again a little advise for some dogs’ owner who wish to use this dog training aids,
you must be patient and not the quick temper type! A proper professional
training and guidance is needed before using it!

No More: Pulling for big or stubborn or excited dogs!

Details refer: http://www.dr-dogs.com/strollbuddy/

**This Labrador has been trained before when she is a puppy, owner was not taught how to stop the dog from barking and charging at other dogs! End up with unfriendly and pull handler to fight with dogs she don't like! (8 years old Labrador)

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

CUSTOM Anti Bark Collar

 CUSTOM Anti Bark Collar

CUSTOM Anti Bark collar is pet safe with proper product training given upon purchased we teach you "step by step" on how to apply to your barking dog to change the BARKING BEHAVIOR!

Buying a product without a Brand or Product Training is like taking a risk of trying an error on your dog! Comes with * 3 days 1 to 1 exchange and free unlimited service and repair!

*** We don’t only sell product, we teach you how to use it!

Feedback by dog's owner using anti bark collar:

CUSTOM Anti Bark collar:
6 month old puppy had built up a separation anxiety problem from the day the puppy is at home. It bark in the middle of the night / when owner not around!

Get a proper training earlier, instead of trying and error with your dog and end up lots of bad habits (behaviors) !

It's toilet trying was solved!

CUSTOM Anti Bark collar :
Owner have to be patients when comes to correcting bad habits being form for a period of time! 

 CUSTOM Anti Bark collar:
Owner enjoy the peace from neighbor's complaint!
Stubborn Dog need a zap correction before it learn its lesson!

A "step by step" on how to apply to your barking dog to change the BARKING BEHAVIOR but owner can't wait and jump to the final stage!

CUSTOM Anti Bark collar:
Owner already purchased one unit and tested it effectiveness purchased the second unit for another dog!

CUSTOM Anti Bark collar:
Immediate result shown as feedback from customer!
Only using “Beep” to correct their dog

Others Anti bark collar!
With only one function and without/ no proper product training owner use at your own risk!

The above customer that use other brand of anti bark collar, had finally purchase a unit of CUSTOM anti bark collar from us on 5/5/2014! They were taught on how to use till today 21/5/204 no complaint.

CUSTOM Anti Bark collar: 22/5/2014
This dog had separation anxiety, bark when no one at home till neighbour complaint! Only this device with auto detect will helps.Teaching the owner how to change it's behavior instead of rely on the device to change it's habits.

On 25 June owner came to purchase another unit!

CUSTOM Anti Bark collar:30/5/2014
Owner saw others blog said Anti bark collar dun work, but never stated the brand! She is skeptical about our CUSTOM collar.

She ever use a remote e collar b4 on her GSD. On 30th May 2014 try buying our CUSTOM anti bark collar. Next day back again to buy another one more!

We don't only sell the product, we teach you how to use the product!

CUSTOM Anti Bark collar
Owner's feedback on this collar!
These are people who want service and support NOT only selling!

 CUSTOM Anti Bark collar
Ms Bell already bought a CUSTOM Anti Bark Collar from us before. She is helping her friend to buy for the dog and she plan to buy the 2nd pc as a gift!

Some said using Anti Bark Collar is "inhumane", I would not commend that, as those who do not encounter the "stress and frustration" of being complaint by neighbour. Where AVA and HDB step in and lawyer letters received, to demand barking problem to be solve or else further action will be taken!

Like I said problem don't falls on you, say is easy! By de voice, is it more inhuman or by given up the dog is it being irresponsible or can the barking be solved???

"Inhumane" is cause harm and injury to your dog without any reason(s) or misusing a device without proper implement to it!

Read AVA brochure:

3 Main Reasons why Buy CUSTOM Anti Bark Collar?

1) 3 days one to one Exchange and free local service and repair after that! (others once used, there is NO warranty, send back to factory for repair take min. 30days, all postage charges on the customer!)

2) We don't only sell product, we teach the owner how to use is important! ( Taught by professional dog's trainer!)

3) Buy a product with a brand and already being used by others is important (quality and assurance!)

*** Buying a product off the shelve "without" brand, product training and warranty is like taking a risk, to implement on your dogs or after sales service!


Teaching Mr Yeek's sis and family how to prevent their dog from jump over the high gate! The dog has bad barking habits as well.

 B4 Mr Yeek's sis engage us, she send me these message about her dog problems!

 Today try to followup the problem they had. For her case her dog is outdoor so she can't control her dog from a distance! An auto detect anti bark collar was introduce but we are teaching her how to condition her dog without always rely on the bark collar for life! details: https://www.facebook.com/Custom-anti-bark-collar-1443805775858114/timeline/?ref=hl


 Special Notice 

To those who bought our Anti bark collar. As from today 12/09/2015 due to the increase of US dollar ex change rate and for pass 3-4 years price has maintain the sameall anti bark collar will only comes with 2 days one to one exchange on manufacturing default upon purchased. Free Service repair is only 6 months upon purchased, other then that there will be a $10 service and repair charges for a faulty collar. Thank you!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Zac Court rules in favour of SPCA in husky case

Michelle &  Zac join the Class Training


Dog training Singapore, On 6th Oct 2013 the class finally start. As for comprehensive obedience it need 6pax to start, Michelle came to see us earlier due to Zac's problems like jumping, stubborn,  socializing with human and dogs and he like to grab at other dog with socializing or grab at owners.
She was very patients to wait for the new class to start as she understand to have a quality syllabus and training she need to wait, unlike most (99%) of the dog basic obedience training in Singapore are basically teaching the basic commands and competition footwork exercise.

Most dog trainer Singapore, will will promise and commit whatever you want to win a customer but whether, what you want is being taught or cover in a proper manner or exercises that will be another story!

In DR-DOGS.COM we don't commit thing that you are not paid for or give empty promise. Next we don't work with pet shops or vet to gives commission for your training fee, so that your fee that you paid is value for money.

Like I told my customer if we work with pet shop we won't be teaching Basic grooming in the comprehensive obedience and if we work with vet we won't teach you Medical and Health. All dogs that attend this course has benefit the most but is sad to said during these few years many and many of dog trainers just give empty promise and spoil the market! Worst is these people are "not medical people or professional" that give advice on medication unlike our training school our qualify and certify staff nurse will help, monitor and advise in these problem!

 News on Zac adoption court case refer: