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Dog training in Singapore - Give your puppy the right training before it turn aggressive!

Dog training Singapore - Give your puppy a proper and right training before it turn bad!

Training details:

Terms and Conditions (Dogs Training By DR-DOGS.COM)
  • Upon filling up and sign on the “dog’s training application form”, owner are liable and agreed with all the terms and conditions stated by DR-DOGS.COM
  • The Terms and Conditions of our training are subjected to changes without prior notice.
  • Details & particular filled by the owner personally in the “dog’s training application form” are acknowledge by the owner and to be true.
  • Acknowledge letter and details of the terms and conditions will be mail to the owner(s) for class training only as for home training owner can only refer online at or any changes in our terms and conditions, we will only update in our blog.
  • For Home Individual or Consultation Behavior Problem(s) Solving, DR-DOGS.COM trainer will only follow up according to the problem(s) brought up by the owner during the training period. Follow up is not for unlimited and any follow up that is not related to what has brought out during the training DR-DOGS.COM will have the rights to charge a service fee.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, follow up are unlimited but according to the time & availability of the trainer.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, owner are able to bring out problem(s) that was not covered during the training and the trainer will try his best to assist the owner.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, the 2 days course have to be complete within 2 week (1 week apart), any delay we will have the right to crease the training or charge an addition cost for it.
  • For Home Puppy Interactive Handling and Training, the follow up service will be crease once the dog is transfer to a different owner or address.
  • DR-DOGS.COM are not be responsible that our training will meet the expectation for all owner(s). As every individual has different expectation or preferences.
  • Owner(s) have to understand for aggressive problem(s) solving, owner have to trust the trainer professionalism in handling of their dog and the trainer or DR-DOGS.COM will not claim any injuries / loss cause by the dog, if the owner have already stated their dog is aggressive in the “dog’s training application form”.
  • Indirectly in the event when the dog attack the trainer/ assistance during the training or handling or controlling the owner’s dog. Any injuries / loss from the dog, owner(s) have to agree not to claim against the company (DR-DOGS.COM) or trainer for any of the expenses.
  • If the owner(s) have gave a false detail(s) by declaring that their dog(s) is not aggressive or by leaving any blank(s) in the form. Any damage/ injuries / loss by DR-DOGS.COM or the trainer or the assistance, owner(s) have to be fully responsible for all the loss or injuries or legal fee claim against the owner.
  • DR-DOGS.COM are not be responsible or owner(s) must not hold DR-DOGS.COM responsible for any unforeseen accident/ incident happened to their dog/ owner(s) during the training ( Class/Home)
  • No refund upon the commencement of training date (Home/ Class).


Peanut's owner engage me for toilet training, without telling me their 8 months old 
Pekingnese cross dog is aggressive that don't like cutting nails. 
They said they wanted to learn cutting of nail, when I found out she is aggressive then they told me she had bite the groomer and the owners before!

From now on if owner did not infrom us about their dog aggressive,
we will charge and claim the owners accordingly if any injury
happened during the training!
(Aggressive dog training charges are different from normal training)

 Hotline: 9842 9109 (10am to 10pm), No SMS or whatsapp enquires text please!

 Obedience training must be re enforce to show the puppy who is in charge!


Dog training Singapore - A salute to committed and responsibility dog's owners.

Owners are committed and determine to give their dog a chance to train their aggressive dog!

This dog was not trained at all, lucky her sister in law had gone thru our class training and recommend her to train! 

Their groomer had given up as the dog is turn bad to worst in the grooming.If the dog can be muzzle then the groomer will groom it.

There is many owners out there that rather give up their dog then pay to train their dog :( These are irresponsible one!
Training result should be credited to the committed owners, Cheer for them!

Training details:

If you think dog's bite are not serious wait till you see these:
Dogs bite::…
Dogs bite wound:…

Don't be cheated by this smiling, cute face (Jack- French Bulldog) he is dominate, jealousy, stubborn and naughty, smart boy!

Whenever Michelle carry Tilly the female pug or Tilly goes near Michelle, jack will turn aggressive and bite her!

Michelle has engage us for 1 day Consultation Training on their dogs' behaviors, obedience and toilet training!

Michelle learns how to control the two dogs!
Last Sunday had the first day training for toto. This is a re home dog which is 4 years old, the new owners had only kept him for 4 month and decide to train him due to the aggressive bite and behavior which someone touches him and carry him. He bite everyone in the family :( She was recommend by my ex student to be train by us! Thanks to Joanna ;)

They take up the aggressive training solving for their dog!

Please note: -
- Aggressive training fee, charges are totally different from normal training cost! Fee will be quoted base on type breed, size of dog, type of problem(s), age of dog.....
- Any owner that do not inform us that their dog are aggressive if happened that during training any injury cause by their dog. We will claim according on the medical fee and if we can't work for a day or few days or weeks. All expenses will be claim as well!


Training details:

 After posting the above in facebook for less the 2hrs, an enquires comes in. Owner had 1 year old poodle. She claim that it has all kinds of aggressive problems of a aggressive dog (without further descriptions in detail of her dog problems)! She ask for the price? Since the owner is having this dog from puppy and for the 8 months, she try all kinds of methods from the Web by her own (free training) with positive and negative ways but fail! From a further conversation you can tell whether this is either a competitor checking for more details or people who are “not willing” to pay to look for cheap training or a genuine customer to be! So I give a rough quote and she doubt me for my ability! I was quite blunt to tell her, if your dog has no problem you wouldn't call today and again what happened if your dog bite me and I can't work for a day or two, are you going paying for my medical bill and my daily expenses? She ask again for an assess on her dog, I told her we don’t need assess unless she is will to pay for us to drop by her house to do it, there and then she keep quiet!

 My worst incident happened is a nail being bitten off of my left finger and I got a few bruises on my tight. My left hand is bleed non stop and my right hand is still holding on the dog to prevent it from attack again and the owner’s house doesn’t even have a first aid kit at home! This takes my more then a week to recover! PLEASE NOTE: at this moment no insurance will insure dog(animal) trainer here but owner can buy insurance for their aggressive dog, if thing goes wrong the third party could claim accordingly. Till today, how many of these aggressive dog’s owner will buy insurance for their dog? What I always bring for training aggressive dog?

 dogs bite injury image from goggle

There is progress but need more time to practice! Behaviors training is not overnight result especially bad incidents/ habits has already being form for years!
Friday 11/9/2015 close followup training with Toto for 2nd day!
Understand this dog has been re home from many hands due to aggressive problems.
- Can't be carry
- Don't like men
- See dog will barks a lot
- See Indians will barks a lot

This 3rd or 4th owners are determine to give the dog a chance to learn! Improvement results for the dog are base on the determination and effort put in by the dog's owner.

Dog training Singapore 
This poodle don't like others to sit on this rest chair
and also being carry when sitting on this chair. He will
bite anyone!
Vivian was recommended by Joyce for our training.

Don't judge the book by it's cover! Look cute? Owner just brought him home for 2 weeks, breeder told them to slap him when naughty....
This 4 months old golden poodle " Gatsby" has most of the bad problems: aggressive, possessive aggression on food.., touch his head and he will bite, bark at passerby and very stubborn characters!
Owners know nothing about dog the breeder has given him the cage for toilet training!
They take up Home puppy Interactive training!

 This 4 months old golden poodle " Gatsby" has most of the bad problems!

Used to be very stubborn don't like leash and collar, don't want to walk after 15min owner can handle!
Teach the owners how to hands on handling this naughty boy and also retrieve anything from him. Hope they can practice the training and control their dog.
Dog training Singapore
Recently hands bitten by a 4 month old puppy during training!
Give your puppy a right training before thing goes wrong!
Some owner will wait till puppy/dog turn aggressive then they started to train them, worst they will not tell you their dog is aggressive!
This puppy may like cute and beautiful but aggressive behaviour is not acceptable! Yuki 1
Last week was the 1 st day training with Yuki the Japanese Spitz for the "Home puppy interactive training". After looking at the problems she has, a series of home exercise was taught on how to stop this problem as the puppy is still very young to be control.

This puppy may like cute and beautiful but aggressive behaviour is not acceptable! Yuki 2
Today is her second day training, Barking was under control, toilet training Thumb up, aggressive behaviour has cut down 90 - 95% still need some polish up!
Today owner has gathering at home and she will be introduce to friends and kids!
As feed back by owners this puppy has been trained before by the pet shop using the "M i L a N" way. I checked if both owners, did they beat this dog and created bad incident before, their answer is NOT AT ALL! Then it should be something wrong happened that she has created this kind of aggression!
When the male owner carry Yuki, we can see he is dog lover and he even kiss his puppy from her lip!

This puppy may like cute and beautiful but aggressive behaviour is not acceptable! Yuki 3

I had checked with the owner today about the gathering yesterday and Yuki was introduce to their frz and kids. Owner has reply!

The improvement must credited to the owner's daily exercise, as I told them If you find a trainer that do not know how to teach and try to delay your time in training is a waste of time and money! If we knows how to teach and you don't put in the effort to practice your dog, you will never get result!

For this "Home Puppy interactive Training" is only 2 days why waste time! Again the owner is paying 1 price for 2 UNLIMITED professional service, where can you find else where?

Testing 3 years+ Brownie - Pomeranian temperament!
Show the owners the base handling of the dog, toilet training, obedience...

Reminder: Dogs with aggressive problems training will be from $1,200.00 onward depending on the problem(s), breed, size and age ...

Many dogs' owner will wait till dog that show aggressive problem(s) then they started to look for trainer to train their dog but again are "they willing to pay" or "just leave with it" or "send away for adoption for others to be responsible for the problem" ??? 

Start training a dog when is puppy(3-4mths) is very important, what I mean is "Right Training" to give a good foundation in order to control and prevent things from getting worst!

Dog training Singapore
Owner had been keeping dogs before but never trained!
They sign up the "Home Puppy Interactive Training" earlier for this puppy as they don't 
want their dog to be from bad to worse in the temperament and behavior!
Start training a dog when is puppy(3-4mths) is very important, what I mean is "Right Training" to give a good foundation in order to control and prevent things from getting worse!
When this 4 months beauty became a beast, she bites as she don't like to be touch!
Buying a dog is fated some aggressive dog are inborn, some are incidents happened but both can be train to be under control! You can't change the temperament but you can train and control them!

Owner decided to keep her and her determination and patience training her puppy had improved it's temperament!
Please Note, "aggressive training for dog" above 10 months is from above $1,200 ONWARDs depend on breed, size and problems. The owner must determine and willing to hand on practices and training their aggressive dog after each lesson. (If the following can't meet, then is no point calling us, as there is owner willing to pay but push to the helper to train and take the risk. **You may be bitten by your dog during training)
So get your puppy training and control them from young! Give them a good foundation!

Some people think dog bite are not serious, wait till you search "dogs bite wound" photos from web


Owners perseverance of training Snowy has help to improve it's behavior. Feedback my owner Vet said Snowy is a lot much better since her previous visit :) :) :) Is owners' effort !

Training a dog is not fixing/ repairing a electronic device, it takes time and effort for behavior solving. They are living thing not and object where we can change any parts and components in their brain!
Many dogs' owner will wait till problems happened or delay the problems from happening for months and years then they look for help and ask for any "guarantee" in the training! If you find something wrong with your health and you keep dragging and delay to consult a doctor, will you ask the doctor for "guarantee" if it is a serious case?
There is a number of cases where trainer promise "result guarantee" but owners that pay for the training still fail the test and some after paying $1k don't get the service after a first visit! So what is "guarantee" ? Gimmick!
Our feedback was shown on the video and reply from owners' hand phone direct NOT written testimonial (written by whom?)
For more details in our training is better to call, no obligation if you do not wish to train after we quote you the fee!



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Dog training in Singapore - What is Dogs Behavior training and what is Dogs Obedience training?

Dog training Singapore

Something to share with you guys.
What is behavior training and what is Obedience training?

Read and analyses yourself! Most of the trainer said they do behavior training, is it true?

Straits Time 23 Aug 2011
Wanbao 23 Aug 2011


Dog training in Singapore
 Rules for Singapore dogs that is under Category A & B( Part 1 & 2) dog must be on muzzle!

Example of German sherperd cross picture shown below from the following webs:

or Google the following to see the image:
german shepherd mix puppies
german shepherd mix

What to look out for cross breed Muzzle of the dog and the Colour!


Dog training in Singapore

Wednesday 2/9/2015, had a training with a Cross Breed (German shepherd x ???)dog, owner claimed this dog is 10 months old and is NOT Aggressive but only “nipping problem”, no one has been bitten before and they took up the puppy interactive training. This dog was trained by an animal shelter house trainer before and got A for the obedience test!

On the day when arrive dog bark non stop at the gate try to hold the collar the dog growl! When I start introduce a bone the dog took it and became possessive and growl louder and show it's aggressive to refuse anyone from taking it! From then the owners started review this have dog are possessive to bone…. ! Worst thing is we CAN"T use our hand/ finger to point at the items or anytime around this dog! Now the bad behavior has been badly inherited without proper training and control.

During the training owners started to realised the difference of our training between their ex trainer. Since the dog was trained from a very young age at 4 months old (best time), their supposed to be taught on how to give the dog a good foundation rather then just pass the obedience test only on that very day!

What they learn is only basic commands but no behaviors teaching! (sit, down, stand, stay & heel)

Puppy below 4 months(depend on breed) their bite n their strength is not strong but once they grow older it will be from bad to worst? (For 8 to 10 months onwards puppies, it’ll started to have adult tooth) So if a right training was given and owners are aware of the problems it can still be control.    

Till today both the owner doesn't know the rules for Singapore dogs that Category A & B( Part 1 & 2) dogs must be on muzzle in the public! Worst is they are being trained by the AVA accredited trainer which is also sitting on the board! Why are this information was not told/ explained to them?

** For those who do not know whether your dog is one of the cross (mix) of Category A & B( Part 1 & 2) , kindly google "german shepherd mix" or german "shepherd mix puppies"  to see the image. (observed the muzzle and the color)

For the public info:

What worry me is, when this dog is in the public! If something trigger its’ instinct like kid go near when he is eating or playing with his favorite or some one bend down or point at something, what will happened???

 Dog training Singapore
Toby has been trained before at Bishan Park when he was little puppy, he doesn't walk and the trainer started
to drag him with the slip leash which was given free to the owner, Toby started to yell and scream!
Owner has stop the training immediately!
She was shock that I explained to her that it was Choke Collar that the trainer is using and for puppy below 6
months old they are not supposed to use that!
The more you pull the tighter it strangle the puppy!

visit :

 Dog training Singapore
Adopting from shelter house or purchase from pet shop?
As a dog lover, many first time owner, do not understand or have the slightest ideal on how to keep a dog! Some are due to love and wish to help, then they started to adopt a dog without knowing what to expect.

As all dogs and people are individual and difference. Some dogs are demanding, hyperactive and highly intelligent to manipulating the owner where else some are NOT! Some people are assertive, firm, patience and have time to spare but some are NOT! 

For pet shop selling is their main source of business (money)!
(If you keep looking at the CUTE puppies, it will temp you to buy it impulsively!)

As an animal shelter house, what is their objective???
(To help the animal or to re-home it quickly? Any admin fee charge??)

My advise, as dog lover who wants to help a dog, they must first test themselves to know and understand the following:
1) Can they spare a few days/ weeks volunteer to walk the dog / clean the kennel / bath the dog in the shelter house? (If yes ask yourself, can you handle/ accept the smell of the pee/poo?)

2) Have you discuss with your family, whether everyone agreed and accept to keep a dog in the house? ( If one of the family member rejected, then don't ever think of adopting one! Just be a volunteer, if not family will argue and quarrel because of a dog!)

3) The dog you wish to adopt from animal shelter house, can the shelter house let you have a trial to foster “ the dog you want ” for 1 to 2 week? ( By looking at the dog for a day or two, you can't tell whether this dog is suitable for you and your family! Having the actual dog you want for a trial will tell you whether it fit into your family!)

** Is very important for dog to fit into the family lifestyle or else some people instead of helping a dog they are making themselves more miserable and stress! End up return the dog or release it in the street!


Next Cody Video, Coming Soon!
8 months old Japanese Spitz being trained before but owner are not satisfy with it. After our first training, what owner comment in our training are "Very Informative & Helpful"!

Dogs Trainers & Training there are many type in the market, every individual teaching and handling are difference no matter how good and expert they claim they are, no one knows till you try both services.
** Kindly please don't compare others' training fee with our, unless they are doing exactly the same methods of service and syllabus as what we did.
Thank you!


Dog training in Singapore - Toilet (potty) training on Puppy/ Dog

Dog training in Singapore

Puppy/ Dog Toilet Training
 Hotline: 9842 9109 (10am to 10pm), No SMS or whatsapp enquires text please!
Dog potty training or Puppy toilet training was not taught when we started dogs training in Singapore. As all dogs training in Singapore is emphasis more on "Basic Obedience" mainly all trainers will only concentrate Obedience like dog heel(walk) beside without pulling, Stay according to the required timing for competition!

In the early years 2000 behaviors training and toilet training are not in the syllabus.Trainers are more focus on Obedience competition and are mainly using choker for training. When it comes to behavior(s) problem, dog owner are always brush off with a quick answer which is not relevant to the problem face. No surprise till today many of the trainers are still doing that as well, these people will copy whatever is in demand but end up  with excuses or mess up the dog training market. The person that loose up this the dog's owner that engage them for training!

** Sorry the word should not be "Copy", is "Stealing" ideal without the knowledge or experience in teaching the kind of syllabus!

In today market, these trainers will cut price(fee) and commit where ever they could in order to secure a deal! Those who are specialise in competition will said they are do behavior training! Some trainer(s) will get their trainee to train you and when thing goes wrong they can have an excuses to push the fault. That makes most dog's owner feels very skeptical on sending their dogs for training in Singapore!

Below Mr Aaron has engaged 2 trainers to train his POM! 
This owner are willing to give a third try on us although he had encounter such a bad experiences with these 2 trainers. Because of the cheap fee, he engage the first trainer  and the second trainer because of the popularity of the trainer and in the web it looks convicting!

 He comment most of the web he visited stated very briefly about their training but only emphasis more on what the achieved like competition, who they volunteer and the are member of certain society or how good they are!

These people spend 45 minutes talking about Cesar Millan training and for the last 15 minutes he was told to follow their setup for toilet training and "observe". Any problem call them or pay for another visit! How they teach the toilet training for outdoor is to plug a small leaves to ticker the dog's anal to stimulate it to poo!

** "Observe" is what we taught for our students for years when we first start toilet training, where others do not cover this syllabus. How to define "Observe", only our customers knew how and why! 
 What he wrote to us :

The above owner is happy with us, after the training :

Damien this owner had try the toilet training by themselves as the partner had kept dogs before and they have a few tips from friends that kept dogs, dog has form bad habit for months. Need to break it habit!
What our customer achieved, after the training:

Dog training Singapore
Frankco rehome a 1.5 years old border collie and wish to train his dog for outdoor Pee and Poo!
What our customer achieved, after the training:

Eve has 3 dogs, both are outdoor, she want this Pom to be train indoor toilet training. Was recommend by ex-student of DR-DOGS.COM
What our customer achieved, after the training:
Dog training Singapore
Winly has 2 dogs, both are not tray trained. Finally goes to the tray, again some are natural habits it needs time and advise to be improved!
What our customer achieved, after the training:

Jason and Zann had kept dog before, try to toilet train her 6month old Shihtze.This dog had inherit some separation anxiety problem and dirty habit. Was recommend by ex-student of DR-DOGS.COM

What our customer achieved, after the training:

Gabriel, his dad Raymond engage us for the indoor toilet training for their new 2 months old puppy. He had another Shelti which was trained but not on toilet trained before.

At first they are very apprehensive on our training as our training goes on for half an hour, they realized our training is totally different from what they are taught by their ex-trainer!Instead of engage us for 1 day, Raymond needs me to come again once the puppy is stable down. Toilet training for them is very important as they don't want to end up like the Shelti, have to stay outdoor(garden).

** Before the puppy is back from pet shop, the owner had already book our service!

What our customer achieved, after the training:

Ms Lilian was recommend by Irene our ex-student to train her 2mth plus puppy. Result are shown with a day training for the toilet training. After a few days the dog was able to go back to the tray to pee and poo big area! Barking is lesser!

This owner kept 2 dogs before and she still take the full course with us and find it valuable for Money!

Joyce take up our puppy interactive training on 14/09/2014, at first she is very skeptical about whether is it true there is result on the first day as there is too.... many trainers out there to be trust!
She had the courage to take the challenge, on the day she was so surprised that her hyperactive pug tone down immediately after the practical training!
Next her 2 months + pug toilet training was able to be toilet train within a day!  

*** This owner has a Shihtze in her mother house never been train and she still take the full course with us and find it valuable for Money!
Now her brother plan to buy 2 Shihtze to be train!

Joyce brother has bought a new pug with problem!
Good news is her Pug(pudding is doing V well!

~ We don't waste your time by providing too... many days for toilet training ~

Puppy Interactive  & Handling  Course
has Proven to be value for money
by our customer!

Yesterday after our training, we were talking about another case (Joshua- staying behind her block) who engage a trainer before and comment that "his ex trainer did not know how to train at all"!

Joyce daughter Ellery a primary 6 student was asking, if the trainer don't know how to train what did he/she do in the training?

My comment to her is, look at your present school for example:

1) Some teachers knows but can't teach!

2) Some knows but don't teach or teach according to what is paid(salary)!                    (Due to under paid!) 

3) some just follow by the book to teach!  

4) Some just passing their time everyday to earn salary!                                             (whether they understand or knows is not important) 

5) Some are very responsible!    

** I remember Mr Aaron dog name Peanut in 2012! Before he engage us for training, he was confused by the web with full of trainers and all the dog trainers stated they are the best and good in providing all kinds of service (very convicting)! Again he had engaged two trainers before that mass up the training. 



17 /9/2014
Just finish a toilet training today at Teck Whye, which is behind Joyce dog Pudding home where we train the family on Sunday.

After half an hour of training owner started to disclose that they did engage a trainer to train them before, he claim "the trainer did not know how to train at all"! they have paid a lot and the trainer comes a number of days and he can't even explains and be able to rectify the problems and teach the wrong thing!

This owner (Joshua) has try the different and he know the differences!

Well, in dog training market now is like bubble tea, papa bread.. many people think it is easy money or market in demand without know anything just comes in and spoil the market!

These kind trainers know how to lure the dogs' owner and they know what you want by:
-:  cheaper price
-:  a package fee with commitment of many days of training
-:  empty promises

** Look if the trainer can't or don't know how to teach, are you wasting all your time and $$$

Good luck to you guys!

Although Joshua is willing to pay for the training But he has paid for the wrong dogs trainer, that doesn't know how to teach! Worst is the puppy had form a bad habit!

He only engage us to teach the toilet training for his dog with a cheaper fee, for this fee we don't cover behavior problem unlike the Puppy interactive Course or behaviour consultation training which Lilian & Joyce has gone thru.

** This is what most dog owners always ask for Cheaper Price with longer Service! Or they may think the longer the service the dog will be able to learn ( value their money)!

We don't quote our customer blindly what they pay is what they get to solve their problem!


PUPPY INTERACTIVE HOME TRAINING: Our customer has found it 
beneficial and value for money!

Toilet training result proven within a day!

Another dogs owner that engage a dog trainer to train he puppy before engaging us to train his 8-9 months old Moca again!

This time was the owner's girl friend that call us to go down for the training. At first the owner Mr Lawrence was quite skeptical with the toilet training for his dog, after I had pointed out the mistake and giving the reasons why? He started to realized what was taught by his ex- dog trainer and what he do was wrong!

Again bad habits was inherited for months for what he was taught and done, these need time to solve!

**What he paid for his ex trainer was much more then what he pay now!

Thanks to Hazel for her yummy cookie, which we ate today!